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ActivTrak for operational compliance showing resource utilization by team throughout the workforce.

The Challenge:
How to analyze and optimize operational efficiency

Successful businesses manage their operating processes by continuously understanding resource utilization, production, distribution and inventory. With a clear picture, they are able to measure team input and output to accomplish the same quality of work with fewer resources. Having this clear picture is not easy to achieve as organizations face a multitude of challenges.

  • Lack of relevant data
  • Unplanned spikes in workload
  • Outdated systems and technology
  • Ineffective baseline measures
  • Misunderstood workflows
  • Lack of clear utilization of resources

These kinds of obstacles can stifle business operations as well as team potential causing unintentional inefficiencies in the office and miscommunication.

The Solution:
ActivTrak – Better visibility and analysis of operational efficiency

ActivTrak offers not just data, but also insights and context so you can understand employee operational workflows, analyze the findings and plan how to design your teams for better business outcomes in the future.



  • Data with context provides the real picture of how work gets done
  • Establish operational baselines that accurately reflect the business
  • Understand employee utilization of time and make needed adjustments
  • Uncover root cause of spikes in workload
  • Resolve workflow bottlenecks and poor organizational structures
  • Manage costs with better visibility of application usage


How can ActivTrak help you analyze operational efficiency?

View how work gets done

Without looking over someone’s shoulder, it’s difficult to know how work is being completed. ActivTrak offers an unobtrusive analysis of employee activities and displays them visually.

  • Identify and compare the amount of time spent on productive and unproductive activities.
  • Filter analyses for each day, week, month, and year to analyze trends.
  • Identify and recognize hard-working employees via the Top Users report.
  • Weigh the effectiveness of new operating procedures and how they impact productivity.
  • Understand the major functions each department performs to carry out its duties.
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Optimize employee & team utilization of time

Get insights on what applications and websites team members use most frequently. Compare any changes over time horizons and across teams to better understand where to make adjustments if needed.

  • View pie charts with usage percentages for each application and website.
  • Filter percentages of app and website usage by productive and unproductive categories.
  • Understand what types of applications and websites employees use most with the Top Categories window.
  • Analyze activities weekly, monthly, and yearly to find optimal scheduling.
  • Leverage data insights to rearrange labor hours needed for the same level of output.
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Identify and resolve inefficient workflows

Today’s business operations seek to be as efficient as possible. Streamlined workflows and reduced downtime increase productivity and even boost morale.

  • Compare workflows of the top performers on the team and coach others to match.
  • Leverage Activity Logs to understand employee workflows and where time can be better allocated.
  • Evaluate the steps an employee takes to complete a task.
  • Measure activities to determine an average amount of time to complete individual tasks.
  • Weigh the effectiveness of new operating procedures and how they impact productivity.
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View application usage to manage costs

Discover all of the applications and licenses you pay for in your organization and how many people actually use them. ActivTrak lets you take inventory of all programs utilized by every employee.

  • Audit application inventory by discovering which are efficient to operations and which can be eliminated.
  • Understand adoption and usage of company software tools.
  • Set compliance alerts to capture exceptions of software not on approved standards list.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set usage limits.
  • Uncover apps with redundant functionality to reduce license costs and streamline business processes.
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Correlate data sources to analyze deeper workforce trends

Integrating ActivTrak’s user activity data with other data sources such as Salesforce, ZenDesk, Jira, etc. provides even deeper analysis to further improve business operations. ActivTrak’s ActivConnect gives direct access into key user behavioral activity data to query and correlate with external sources.

  • Export and query ActivTrak data for deep analysis of productivity and activities.
  • Leverage pre-configured dashboard templates for Tableau and Power BI or create your own.
  • Generate personalized reports of Application Usage, Productivity Trends, Collaboration and Compliance.
  • Integrate activity data with other business application data (e.g. CRM, EPM, SIEM, etc.).
  • Use data insights to fix operational compliance gaps and at-risk data privacy activities.
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