What is Real-Time Monitoring?

Use ActivTrak Real-time Monitoring to observe user activity as it’s happening. Locate relevant and current data without having to sift through lengthy reports. Understand employee workflows or catch shady activity as it happens.

It’s 12:15 p.m. want to know who works through lunch? Check the real-time report.

Live User Activity Data Report

Watch user activity change as they move from action to action, or identify idle users at any point. The chart displays each reporting computer in individual, continuously updating rows along with the most important information. All applications and websites are viewable — even if the user is browsing in incognito mode. The same extensive and insightful data contained in the Activity Log is viewable in real-time. See details such as the machine name, user name, the title of the program, URL, and duration of use.

Real-time Screenshots

Instead of reading data, see exactly what users see on their screens. Real-time screenshots update every five seconds. Zoom in on individual computers with the full-screen viewer, or view multiple screens at once in a CCTV-like fashion with live thumbnails.

Quick Check-In

Access a condensed real-time window along with other summarized reports on the ActivTrak dashboard for a brief glance. Check activity while out of the office or on the go with the ActivTrak Mobile App.

watch 2-minute demo

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