Activity Alarms

Alarms let you put your policy control on autopilot. ActivTrak provides pre-built alarms as well as the ability to create new alarms to fit your unique needs. ActivTrak monitors user’s actions and alarms trigger when pre-defined conditions, such as accessing a certain website, are met.

Activity Alarm Categories

User Activity

Get alerted to user activities you define.

USB Tracking

Monitor USB ports for storage device activity and file transfers.


Track changes to your ActivTrak account.

A new ActivTrak account contains pre-built alarms to help you get started and track activities of interest. You can also custom create any number of alarms with any combination of conditions and reactions to suit your business. Establish risk levels to specific alarms for activities deemed unproductive or a risk to security policies. Configure automated actions to triggered alarms including capture of screenshots or videos, terminating an application, sending an email notification to the account administrator, and/or sending popup messages to device users.

Identify Key Behaviors with Pre-built Alarms

New Activity Insights

Typically employees have multiple browser tabs open (such as email and applications) switching between tasks they work on throughout the day.

  • Screenshots of active windows give you insights into what users are actually doing.
  • See patterns of behavior, how time is spent and workflow bottlenecks.
  • Analyze focused and unfocused work to coach employees on more productive behaviors.

USB Device Activity

Protect proprietary information and safeguard your company from possible insider threats. Know when critical files leave your office.

  • Control USB device usage and protection of sensitive data.
  • Get email notification when a USB drive is inserted or written to.
  • Monitor specific users or groups that may pose a compliance risk.
  • Capture screenshots or video of events for deeper forensic analysis.

Blocked Website Accessed

ActivTrak allows you to block certain websites from employees to prevent a disengaged workforce or potentially introducing malware or cyberattacks.

  • Block website domains you consider unproductive or risky.
  • Configure sites by user, groups, or everyone.
  • Set an alarm trigger for access attempts and analyze user visits to blocked sites for better oversight.

Unauthorized File Sharing

At some organizations, file sharing is prohibited and you need to identify potential data theft or malfeasance.

  • Create alerts to detect the use of file-sharing sites such as Dropbox, Google Suite, etc.
  • Discover upload of files to the cloud and review with video or screenshot captures.
  • Create an action to terminate file transfers to reduce risk.

Audit Trail Alarms

Account administrators can view a chart of activity changes by date providing an audit and compliance trail of various events.

  • Create a security alarm to trigger when users or administrators are deleted &/or any existing alarms are deleted.
  • Create an alert to trigger when a user attempts to remove the agent from the computer.
  • Get an email notification with details of any of these events for further investigation.

Social Media Break

Establish usage behavior of social media platforms to suit different job roles whether it’s the marketing team or those users who visit social media sites to take a break.

  • Set an alarm with pre-populated social media sites.
  • Limit site visits and send a gentle reminder to the user.
  • Identify distracting usage patterns and use as coaching opportunities.
  • View usage logs over a time horizon to analyze trends across teams.

Activity Alarm Actions

Video and Screen Captures

Create an alarm to capture images or video of a user’s screen when configured conditions are met.

  • Get visibility into exactly what the user sees.
  • Drill-down on specific details for further analysis.
  • Capture screenshots or video before and after the alarm triggered.
  • View all screen captures with accompanying activity data to understand context and intent.

User Activity Notifications

Set an alarm to send a custom notification to the desired recipient when an event is triggered. There are multiple notification options for selection.

  • A pop-up message to a user to re-route focus or reward him/her for diligent work.
  • An email to administrators with details of the alarm such as URL, executable, description, device, and user.
  • A webhook to notify and sync external systems of activities.

User Behavior Risk Scoring

User Risk Scores help you understand which users within your organization are behaving riskier than others.

  • Assign risk levels to alarms to indicate severity of conditions.
  • Users collect risk points as they trigger alarms. View insightful scores from the built-in algorithm to compare users or teams.

Terminate Activity

Terminate the application that has the potential for unwanted or risky activity.

  • Shut down an application upon access or after a specific time period.
  • Use conditions to tell agents when and for whom to close a program.

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