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Our team is passionate about building a product people love and a culture where everyone can innovate and thrive.

Rita Selvaggi - ActivTrak CEO

Rita Selvaggi


Justin Endres - ActivTrak CRO

Justin Endres


Shanel Vandergriff - ActivTrak CMO

Shanel Vandergriff


Heidi Farris - ActivTrak Head of Operations

Heidi Farris

Head of Operations

Sam Hernandez - ActivTrak VP of Finance

Sam Hernandez

VP of Finance

Javier Aldrete

VP of Product

Brian Benton - ActivTrak VP of Engineering

Brian Benton

VP of Engineering

Cliff Cozzolino - ActivTrak Lead Architect

Cliff Cozzolino

Lead Architect

George Butler

George Butler

Director of Development

Suzanne Carroll - ActivTrak Director of Product Management

Suzanne Carroll

Director of Product Management

Ramiz Khan - ActivTrak Marketing Director

Ramiz Khan

Director of Marketing

Sandi Warren

Director of Product Marketing

Mark Allen

Mark Allen

Director of Customer Experience

Zach Bennett - ActivTrak Director of Sales & Marketing Operations

Zach Bennett

Director, Go-to-Market Operations

Andrea Tharp

Director of World Wide Channels

Seema Chawla

Director of BI & Analytics

Matthew Finlayson

SVP Engineering

Jorge Arguelles

Senior Data Engineer

Kris Pickrell

Director of Data Science

Calene Horton

Manager, Go-to-Market Systems

Fernando Hernandez

Lead Product Manager

Jai Desai

Product Manager: Growth & Engagement

Sarah Lowenstein

Marketing Programs Manager

Vincent Lucier

Marketing Programs Manager

Samantha Duncan

Marketing Programs Specialist

Brandon Hill - ActivTrak Sales Operations Manager

Brandon Hill

Sales Operations Manager

Nathan Bremner

Business Analyst

David Carrillo

Salesforce & Marketo Admin

Ashley Hahn

Senior Sales Operations Specialist

Westin Pedigo - ActivTrak Customer Success Lead

Westin Pedigo

Customer Success Lead

Bobbie Jo Frazier

Sales Manager

Caitlin Vanderberry - Customer Success Manager

Caitlin Vanderberry

Customer Success Manager

Kayla Tizzano - ActivTrak Customer Success Manager

Kayla Tizzano

Customer Success Manager

Madeline Hurst

Customer Success Manager

Ross Clurman

Channel Account Manager

Chris Kenney

Channel Account Manager

Katharine Woodard

Customer Success Rep

Jason Casady

Sales Engineer

Roberto Molina

Sales Engineer

Stephen Yougas - ActivTrak Account Executive

Stephen Yougas

Account Executive

Scot Cowger - ActivTrak Account Executive

Scot Cowger

Account Executive

Austin Stephens - ActivTrak Account Executive

Austin Stephens

Account Executive

Matt Puls - ActivTrak Account Executive

Matt Puls

Account Executive

Grant Poliquin - ActivTrak Account Executive

Grant Poliquin

Account Executive

Christa Gatrelle

Account Executive

Kyle Firle

Account Executive

Morgan Barron

Account Executive

Michael O'Donnell

Account Executive

Andrew Ford

Account Executive

Scott Gogolewski

Account Executive

Tyler Hines

Account Executive

Tyler Winn - ActivTrak Technical Support Engineer

Tyler Winn

Technical Support Engineer

Tony Wurst - ActivTrak Technical Support Engineer

Tony Wurst

Technical Support Engineer

Tiffany Poborka

Technical Support Engineer

David Fatula

Technical Support Engineer

Marina Yancey

Technical Support Engineer

Louis Russo

Software Architect

Zach Byrd

Senior UX Designer

Kayla Giles

UX Designer

Darius Salemizadeh

Lead Software Engineer

Bibek Adhikari - ActivTrak back-end Developer

Bibek Adhikari

Senior Software Engineer

Stephen Corona

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Hill

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Shaw - Front-end Developer

Andrew Shaw

Senior Software Engineer

Godwin Thomas - ActivTrak Back-end Developer

Godwin Thomas

Associate Software Engineer

Keith Wilson

Software Engineer

Heath Hughes - ActivTrak Senior QA Engineer

Heath Hughes

Lead QA Engineer

Kristine Pantoja - ActivTrak QA Engineer

Kristine Pantoja

QA Engineer

Cory McCombs

Senior QA Engineer

Jeremiah Botchlet


Tiona Nicholas - ActivTrak Office Manager

Tiona Nicholas

Office Manager

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Board Members

Chris Pacitti

Founder, Elsewhere Partners

Rita Selvaggi

ActivTrak CEO

Mike Bennett

Advisor, Elsewhere Partners

Cam McMartin

CFO, SailPoint Technologies


Herb Axilrod

Co-founder & Advisor

Josh Stephens

CTO, Elsewhere Partners

Gabriela Mauch

Global Organizational Design, McDonald's

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