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Our team is hand selected from across the world. We've compiled the best talent and put them together under one roof to ensure the success of your ActivTrak implementation.


Starting with two guys with some laptops in a living room, ActivTrak began as a LAN-based product, and over time matured into the cloud-based product you see today.

As ActivTrak began to increase in popularity, we grew, our company matured, and our need for resources increased to the team we have now.

We take a lot of pride in our work, and we strive to meet the needs of every user we have the privilege to serve. If you find yourself stuck or need help, please reach out to us. We're here to make sure you have everything you need to be successful with ActivTrak.

Our Current Team

Our current team works from one central office, based in Dallas, TX, USA.

ActivTrak is currently produced and supported by 30 acutely skilled individuals. Our team consists of our development team in charge of all things code, our customer success team who handle any user account management or support inquiries, and ensures you have all the resources you need to setup, use and optimize your productivity using ActivTrak.

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The ActivTrak Team


  • Herb Axilrod
    President & Co-founder
  • Anton Seidler
  • Brad Price
    HR Director
  • Andy Sahl
    Director of Sales & Support
  • George Butler
    Director of Development
  • Nathaniel Armer
    Senior Backend Developer
  • Brandon Hill
    Sales Operations
  • Taylor Cechin
    Enterprise Account Manager
  • Ramiz Khan
    Marketing Director
  • Heath Hughes
    QA Engineer
  • Bibek Adhikari
    Junior Backend Developer
  • Tiffany Poborka
    Tech Support Engineer
  • Grayson Larrabee
    Account Executive
  • Ali Asaadpoor
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Norman Blakely
    DevOps Engineer
  • Andrew Shaw
    Front-End Developer
  • Tyler Winn
    Tech Support Engineer
  • Kristine Pantoja
    QA Engineer
  • Spencer Williams
    SEO and Content Specialist
  • Peter Clarke
    Account Executive

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ActivTrak has a fully-staffed team under one roof, based in Dallas, TX USA

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