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Why Remote Work Will Always Outdo the Office

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Why Remote Work Will Always Outdo the Office
Why Remote Work Will Always Outdo the Office

Using ActivTrak’s employee monitoring and Behavior analytics service, Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd is able to focus on business priorities and not worry abut whether or not their staff is on track and focused.

8 Reasons Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Go Virtual

Many successful companies across the world are opting for virtual employees that may never set foot in a company office, probably don’t live in the same area as the company, and may not even be in the same country. FlexJobs has a list highlighting 125 companies that have embraced the virtual workforce

Product update 4/10/17
[Product Update] ActivTrak On-Prem, New report, New funtionality

We’ve released an On-premesis version of ActivTrak! This edition has all of the same features you know and love, but offers clients more control over data security and hardware choices. Click here to let us know you’re interested! More info coming soon! We have a new report!

ActivTrak Support Just got a Lot Better!

We’re incredibly excited to introduce one of our newest additions to our team, our new Tech Support Ninja: Tiffany! If you haven’t had a chance to work with Tiffany yet, you’ll soon find out she’s here to make your support issues non-issues. We’ve made a concerted effort to expand our support team to better serve the needs of our users.

12 Simple Alarms to Curb ‘March Madness’ Madness

March Madness is here, which means so are distractions. I have a small window open on my computer streaming the Notre Dame v. Princeton game – it’s a nail-biter. March is the time when you start hearing basketball talk around the office.

Product update 2/24/17
[Product Update] Weekly Digest, On-Prem (beta) & More!

Now, you have a simple way to keep track of what’s going on with you ActivTrak account. Once a week, you’ll receive a handy little email that provides you with some high-level stats from your ActivTrak account. We think this will make managing your account much easier

[Case Study] Take Your Company to New Heights with ActivTrak

A startup with cutting edge technology wanted to implement Six-sigma Lean Methodology in their process on a key project. In order to do so, Biorev, LLC implemented ActivTrak’s software to gain control over their remote workforce productivity, increase focus during projects, and block distracting websites to keep team productivity high, and overall business flowing smoothly. With ActivTrak’s easy-to-use monitoring suite, Biorev can monitor productivity to ensure business goals are met.

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