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Use this Secret Weapon to Shape your Office Culture

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Use this Secret Weapon to Shape your Office Culture

Hello! My name is Brad Price, and I’ve been the Director of Human Resources at ActivTrak since October of 2016.

When I came on board, one of the first things I implemented was quarterly engagement surveys. Leadership can use engagement surveys to gain insight into their organization’s culture, like how employees feel, if they are engaged, and if they fully understand their role in the context of the company’s mission.

Four Seasons Resort, Orlando, Florida
How Conferences Made Me a Better Customer Success Manager

Hey everyone. I’m Taylor Cechin and I’m a Customer Success Manager here at ActivTrak. I’ve been working to help businesses of all types become more successful since December of 2015.

I recently had a chance, along with my teammate Brandon Hill, to take a trip to Orlando, Florida for three days. Disney World?! No, not exactly. What we did was very… different.

Product Update—New Alarms & Redesigned Reports!

We’ve made a few reports easier to see and added more functionality to alarms!


Now you’ll notice your Top Websites, Top Applications, and Top Categories reports have two panels that work together to present you with your data as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Instead of hiding some aspects of the report on deeper pages, all of the information is now on one page.

ActivTrak | Royal Airforce Air Cadets Case Study
[Case Study] Control Your Liability with ActivTrak

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAF), a nonprofit military youth organization enlisted the help of ActivTrak to ensure internet safety for the cadets under their supervision. The easy implementation and affordable cost of ActivTrak allowed The Royal Air Force Cadets to monitor and control access to harmful websites, better understand unrecognized home issues, and gave them the confidence to begin to develop and implement technology-based learning with their cadets.

personal data
6 Tips for Employee Monitoring in a GDPR World

The GDPR is going into effect soon, and you probably have concerns about how it may affect your plans to use behavior analytics software. You want to gain insight into your team’s productivity, but you’re also dedicated to protecting personal data and keeping in line with the GDPR.

ActivTrak 2017 Year in Review

My name is Ramiz Khan, I manage our marketing at ActivTrak. 2017 was an important year here, so I wanted to give you a quick update on all the exciting stuff we’ve created. We’ve made a lot of delicate, deliberate expansions to our team, culture and product that we believe will not only allow us to help you create a more efficient business, but also help to propel ActivTrak, Employee Monitoring and the Behavior Analytics market forward in 2018.

Here are some of the highlights from this year.

tips for selling SaaS
4 Tips to Selling SaaS from MSPs

I am Andy Sahl and the Sales Director at ActivTrak. I was employee number four back in 2015. I started out at ActivTrak leading the channel sales team. We are always searching for others like us who want to help small businesses grow by offering them a customer-focused approach to an SaaS tool that will help them create an engaged corporate culture, produce a higher quality product, save money, and increase profits. Our Managed Service Providers (MSPs) successfully generate reoccurring revenue through reselling ActivTrak, because we offer their customers a product that is new and bundles well with antivirus and other software packages.

several inc 5000 companies went remote
Why 6 INC 5000 Companies Went Remote

Each year, INC 5000 provides a list of the fastest growing companies in the United States.  Included in that list are companies that support remote working – a very interesting trend.  In this article, we are going to focus on six of those companies (The Cheat Sheet, Jackson River,, Acceleration Partners, Percona, and RevolutionEHR) to discover why they chose to go remote, what benefits they have experienced, and what tools they use to succeed. 

remote work outdoes the office
Why Remote Work Will Always Outdo the Office


There is a reason why remote work is increasingly popular. According to the article, “Will Half of People Be Working Remotely By 2020?”, this is the future of work. Remote work is disrupting the traditional 9-to-5 grind. If you asked anyone if they would prefer to work at an office, or remote, the majority would probably prefer to telecommute. There are some workers, such as traveling salespeople, who are always away from their organization. Then, there are workers who have the option to work from home a few days per week.

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