Let’s get you on the ‘ActivTrak’ to productivity!

Our customer success team is here to help you realize the full potential of ActivTrak. Our team specializes in helping align our product to your desired goals and outcomes.

Where do you need help?

Set up

Let’s get started! Schedule a 1-hour onboarding session and our team of experts will walk you through set up and ensure you get up and running successfully.

Schedule a call: onboarding@activtrak.com

Continuing Education

Are you up and running on ActivTrak, but can’t quite figure out how to optimize your deployment or set up reports & alarms? No problem. Our team is here to help.

Schedule a call: onboarding@activtrak.com

Live Support

Are you having technical issues with the product? Need help rolling out new policies? Our support team is ready to help!

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The critical milestones in your ActivTrak journey


A successful orientation ensures you get the most value out of the product ...in record speed! We’re here to introduce you to the platform and discuss best practices and strategies for deployment, configuration, and goal setting for success. We will give you access to additional resources to get your started with ActivTrak.


Transparency builds trust and promotes a healthy relationship between managers and employees. We’ve found that the most successful ActivTrak implementations have organizational buy-in across management and employees. Not sure how to have the conversation? Don’t worry. We’ll work closely with your team to draft the best plan to introduce and communicate ActivTrak to your team - including email and presentation templates!


Not technical? No problem! Our team is here to assist with agent deployment, platform configuration and data interpretation. We’re dedicated to making your deployment simple and robust, so you can have powerful insights in a matter of minutes!


Once your agents are deployed and collecting data, it’s time to observe, analyze and take data-informed action. We will schedule regular ‘health checks’ to ensure your instance is healthy, answer questions, and identify productivity insights based on your data.


As you continue to master your ActivTrak deployment, you may consider rolling it out more broadly across the organization, adding on more advanced capabilities, or creating custom reports and views. Regardless, we’ll be by your side to ensure your expansion is successful!

ActivTrak onBoarding - Omboard - communicate - deploy - analyze - grow

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