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Capterra logo ActivTrak's Capterra Star Review Ratings 4/5

494 reviews - 4.5/5

Love this!!

ActivTrak is an excellent tool for our organization that works perfectly, easily, effectively, all at a very low price point. It helps us enforce our Acceptable Use policy and take action when necessary.

Capterra logo ActivTrak's Capterra Star Review Ratings 4/5

138 reviews - 4.5/5

Easy-to-use and very fast tool

It provides us with a deep data analysis, giving us the answers that we need to help our workforce and business succeed and achieve goals outlined, providing the workflow for this to happen.

Capterra logo ActivTrak's Capterra Star Review Ratings 4/5

124 reviews - 4.5/5

Light yet powerful.

No PC disruption or bandwidth consumption. It just WORKS! The SQL data access is fantastic and works beautifully along with Tableau. Really helps to identify KPIs throughout the organization. It's a no-brainer.

Capterra logo ActivTrak's Capterra Star Review Ratings 4/5

68 reviews - 4.5/5

ActivTrak is a must purchase.

I’ve been looking for a program that is easy to set up and configure but also provide a wide array of information without having to download third party software to operate with it. I was amazed of how much…

Capterra logo ActivTrak's Capterra Star Review Ratings 4/5

5 reviews - 4.5/5

ActivTrak is Workforce Analytics Done Right!

Even though our initial adoption was influenced by the COVID-environment we are currently navigating, we will continue using ActivTrak to improve our business well into the future.

Several desks with two monitors on each, in an open warehouse used at office space.

Case Study: How ShipSticks.com Improved Efficiency and Customer Service with ActivTrak

Ship Sticks provides a door-to-door shipping solution for the traveling golfer who desires a hassle-free traveling experience. As the most reliable and cost-effective shipping service available, Ship Sticks has partnered with the world’s finest golf resorts, country clubs, and hotels to allow for an effortless shipping experience.

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