ActivTrak: How It works

ActivTrak’s secure and efficient data collection and delivery process works to give you immediate visibility and advanced analytics while keeping your data protected, encrypted and private.


Activtrak workforce analytics How it works - The Platform


Activtrak workforce analytics - how it works - the connectors

The intelligent Agent collects the data

The ActivTrak Agent is a robust piece of software with a low system profile. Each ActivTrak account has its own uniquely coded agent which does the following:

  • Collects data and executes responses to user activity while running unnoticed in the background.
  • Senses mouse and keyboard movement tracking in the active window(s) of the monitored user’s computer.
  • Contains encrypted details about where it should send data back to your ActivTrak account.
  • During offline periods, it stores all data locally and reports it back to the cloud when a secure connection is re-established.
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The Database aggregates all of the data

Data is collected and sent through a secure channel to a set of backend servers in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • All data collected is stored in an individually dedicated ActivTrak Database – optimized to provide lightning-fast search results.
  • The Database does most of the heavy-lifting, aggregating the data exactly the way the user requests to quickly return the results to display.
  • The Database dynamically scales to process very large amounts of data quickly, providing quick responses.

The Application delivers the analysis and insights

The ActivTrak Application acts as the main console to view and analyze all the data insights collected by an account’s Agents in an easy-to-use UI full of graphical dashboards and reports.

  • The Application talks to a separate backend server in the cloud that receives the requests from the user.
  • Get clear insights displayed in intuitive dashboards vs. viewing as raw data in a database or spreadsheet.
  • Easily configure account settings, set up alarms and schedules, invite team members, and customize ActivTrak.
  • AI-driven algorithms such as auto-classification of digital activities help ensure the effectiveness of data collection and enrichment.

Add-on: ActivConnect delivers robust integration capabilities for more advanced analysis

ActivConnect is an add-on to ActivTrak’s Advanced Plan that lets you take your data further by exporting and embedding your ActivTrak workforce activity data into BI tools and other business applications your teams already use for broader analysis and collaboration.

With DataConnect, you get:

  • Advanced insights with exclusive reports including: Employee Burnout; Team Productivity Benchmarks; Application Usage Trends, and more.
  • Flexible access to data via pre-built data templates, application integrations, and direct data access via SQL.
  • Pre-built productivity dashboards to use with Microsoft Teams, PowerBI, Tableau, and Google Data Studio.
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ActivTrak data Connect report Activtrak add-on report for deeper workforce analytics

Security & data privacy are a top priority

ActivTrak uses a multi-layered approach to secure the private information our customers entrust to us. Our service was designed and built from the ground up with the security of your data in mind, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of all collected data.

Data is collected and communicated using multiple encrypted collections protocols and mutual authentication.

All data is immediately encrypted and stored in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with AES-256 encryption.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) is supported by multiple identity providers.

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