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Integrate via Webhooks or Raw SQL Data

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Why ActivTrak?

ActivTrak is a single-agent, cloud-native behavior analysis solution used to increase productivity, streamline operational efficiency, and harden security. Our software is affordable, easy-to-use, and quick to install. Start analyzing data within minutes of signup.

ActivTrak Productivity Report

Analyze Organizational Productivity

ActivTrak is purpose built to analyze organizational trends in productivity. Enable management teams to uncover hidden productivity killers that you and your team may not be aware of. Automated reports, flexible productivity settings, and granular reporting deliver immediate transparency with precise detail.

Measure and Improve Operational Efficiency

Where are your bottlenecks? Get clear insight into what’s holding up projects and processes. Understand individual processes end-to-end from input to output. Make data-driven decisions on how to optimize your organization to get more output without investing in more resources.

Manage Your Remote Workforce

Whether your team is remote, or in one office — you’ll have the tools and information available to gain a handle on what’s going on. ActivTrak provides the tools and visibility to efficiently manage remote teams as if you’re all sitting in the same room.

ActivTrak Alarms Page

Protect Assets from Insider Threats

Know who is accessing sensitive files, inserted USB devices, and participating in risky activities. ActivTrak lets you pinpoint employees that partake in unwanted behavior in real-time, and react accordingly to keep company property and networks secure.

What Can I Use it For?

ActivTrak is a single-agent, cloud-native behavior analysis solution used to increase productivity, streamline operational efficiency, and harden security. Our software is affordable, easy-to-use, and quick to install. Start analyzing data within minutes of signup.

Insider Threat Detection and User Behavior Analytics

Remote Workforce Management

Employee Monitoring

Productivity and Operational Efficiency

How Does it Work?

ActivTrak is an incredibly flexible program with endless possible benefits.
Below, our team explains how we built ActivTrak:

Getting Started FAQ

Do you do product demos or provide training?

Yes. ActivTrak has a team dedicated to answering your questions and helping you implement ActivTrak as effortlessly as possible. We are happy to schedule a live, remote demonstration that highlights everything ActivTrak can do for you, no matter where in the world you are located.

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Does this logging tool affect PC performance at all?

No. Up-to-date and virus-free computers have no issues running ActivTrak. It will not slow your computer down.

Can I capture passwords or key strokes with ActivTrak?

No. ActivTrak does not have a keylogger feature. Internet Monitoring Software that keylogs is sometimes classified as a virus by antivirus programs. We want things to run smoothly for you, so ActivTrak intentionally does not record or monitor keystrokes. This allows us to stay on the safe lists of all popular antivirus software.

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Does ActivTrak track the URLs for browser applications, or just the text in the title bar?

For all applications, ActivTrak records the title bar text, but for browsers, it collects data fields including the full URL, IP Address, meta descriptions and much more.

Users at my site may work on multiple workstations. Will ActivTrak work for me?

Yes, you can build reports filtered by user and/or computer. You can also build reports based on Active Directory groups of users or computers.

Is this compatible with macOS, Chrome and other operating systems?

Yes. The ActivTrak tracking Agent is available for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and a Chrome browser installed on any desktop operating system, including Linux, FreeBSD, and others.

Will it work on terminals?

Yes. Just simply install the Agent on the server. It will monitor each session under Terminal Services. We charge per user, not per computer or workstation, so you pay only for active employees and not machines that sit idle or have no assigned user.

How do I deploy the Agent remotely?

Every ActivTrak account comes with a remote Agent installation tool. It allows you to remotely install your ActivTrak Agent on other computers on your Active Directory network.

*Note: You must be on an Active Directory Network, and you must have admin rights over the other computer.

Feel free to download an install utility for the ActivTrak Agent from the following page:

(Account authorization is required.)

Just install the Remote Installer. Point it to your Agent .msi file that you downloaded earlier. Then point it to one of the computers on your network and press Install. You can also use it to uninstall.

Step-by-step instruction

The remote installer will only work if you are on a Microsoft Active Directory Network. It will not work for standalone or workgrouped computers such as those running Windows Home version.
You must have admin rights over the computer that will receive the Agent.
Make sure you are using the latest version of the Remote Installer. Download from
Install the Remote Installer.
Download your ActivTrak Agent from your account Dashboard and save it as a file.
Run the Remote Installer.
Point the Remote Installer source to to the Agent file you downloaded from your Dashboard.
Point the Remote Installer target to the name of the computer on which you wish to install the Agent. (IP addresses can be used instead of computer names)
Press Install.

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Employee monitoring tool ActivTrak brings affordable pricing and an intuitive user interface while avoiding overbearing monitoring features. Instead, it offers employee productivity metrics and team behavior analytics. It's like Google Analytics for your office.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2019

PC Mag

“In West Palm Beach, Ship Sticks says its use of monitoring software ActivTrak paid dividends. Since installing the software, baseline productivity levels—measured as the amount of time employees spend on websites and apps classified as “productive”—have risen from about 60% to north of 85%.”

Three Hours of Work a Day? You're Not Fooling Anyone.

The Wall Street Journal

“We added it as peace of mind to begin with, because we noticed how easy it was to upload and share images of our projects,” she says. “Coincidently, in 2013, our apprentice employee started to use one of our PCs for her own self-employed work.”

When it comes to data, businesses must beware the enemy within

The Telegraph

ActivTrak’s ultimate goal is to provide the insight businesses need to drive performance, whether that’s through employee observation, behavioral analytics, or insider threat detection.

Boost Productivity with ActivTrak: A Free Cloud-Based Monitoring Service Empowering Employers to Track On-Site and Remote Business Activity

Hosting Advice

Managers should have regular check-ins about goals and progress, just like any other critical KPI. For example, goals could include a 10 percent increase in sales, a 10 percent satisfaction in support and 5 percent less time spent on entertainment websites.

4 Methods to Increase Employee Productivity


Apart from time log and screenshot reporting, ActivTrak helps the organization achieve security and compliance goals by blocking malicious activity and image redaction to protect sensitive material.

8 Productivity Tools Illustrate You Have Way More Time Than You Think

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