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Why ActivTrak?

  • Compliance. Control. Record Keeping.
    ActivTrak captures and records activity logs and screenshots from your monitored workstations, and controls your devices to implement and maintain any compliance needs. Stay compliant with or without screenshots. ActivTrak Image Redaction protects your sensitive information.
  • Analyze Organizational Productivity
    ActivTrak reports and easy-to-configure controls give the power and information to analyze and replicate productive workflows across your organization. Manage productivity levels throughout your company from your ActivTrak admin panel.
  • Secure Your Company
    Block malicious websites, create alarms to capture suspicious activity, monitor web and app traffic and usage to know who's doing what so you can safeguard your organization.
  • Supercharge Your Business
    ActivTrak lets you analyze and understand commonly unmeasured metrics that keep your business is running at full speed. Plug ActivTrak into your BI Dashboard to analyze and optimize processes, learn user habits, and understand ROI on asset investment.

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ActivTrak gives managers up-to-the-minute screen shots of what employees are doing on their computers, displaying the images on a dashboard resembling a security guard’s camera display.

Stare at Facebook all day? Watch out: Your boss could be monitoring you.

The Washington Post

Managers should have regular check-ins about goals and progress, just like any other critical KPI. For example, goals could include a 10 percent increase in sales, a 10 percent satisfaction in support and 5 percent less time spent on entertainment websites.

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Employee Monitoring Software will rise to 60% of employers by 2015

Companies Use Tracking Software to Check on Their Employees Who Work From Home

The Wall Street Journal

ActivTrak can tell you what websites your employees frequent at work, or how they use company-issued devices.

The sheer amount of data you can gather with this kind of software is impressive

Inc. Magazine

ActivTrak puts the control in the hands of the employer and keeps the price affordable or free

Tech pros' favorite tools increase IT efficiency

Network World

ActivTrak can give you a real-time look at employees' screens...

How to Monitor Your Employees' PCs Without Going Too Far

PC World

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