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the challenge

How to Monitor and Mitigate Insider Threats

The safety and security of an organization’s internal network is as important as safeguarding the external from attacks. Employees, contractors and suppliers have access to sensitive data, IP, customer data and more. Organizations need to secure the data from malicious intent, but also compromised users and simply negligence. Insider threats are one of the most difficult to detect and prevent. There are a number of challenges to effectively monitoring for insider threats without hampering employee productivity.

  • Difficulty identifying abnormal activity and resource usage.
  • Detection is slower than it needs to be.
  • Lack of context to ascertain intent.
  • Growth of remote employees with open perimeter devices.
  • Employee improper handling and safeguarding of PII data.

The rise in insider threats has increased focus on the need to address these challenges with more dynamic insider threat monitoring processes.

the solution

ActivTrak — Visibility and Analysis of User Behavior and Intent

ActivTrak offers not just user behavior analytics, but also insights and context so you can understand employee behavior and intent behind their activities.


  • Analyze user activity and behavior to discover anomalies.
  • View data with context to get the real picture of intent.
  • Uncover compliance and security gaps from offsite access.
  • Identify patterns of mishandling PII data and make adjustments.
  • Use data insights to quickly detect and review high risk activities.
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how it works

How Can ActivTrak Help Monitor and Mitigate Insider Threats?

Set Automated Security Alerts and Responses

It only takes seconds for a security breach to occur. The longer a threat goes unnoticed, the more damaging it becomes to your organization. You not only need instant notifications of insider threats, but it’s also critical to react as quickly as possible.

  • Set alarms to track user behavior considered suspect.
  • Configure immediate email alerts to send when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Terminate prohibited applications when accessed by a user.
  • Protect sensitive data from view with screenshot redaction.
  • Enforce policies by notifying users via email when their actions are potentially harmful.
  • Create custom integrations using simple JSON webhooks.
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Identify and Assess Potentially Harmful User Activities

It’s important to understand typical employee work patterns. Having a clear picture of what is routine and what is an anomaly can help uncover potentially harmful and risky activities. Review reports and screen captures to locate any suspicious behavior.

  • Inspect users’ screen activity captured in screenshots and video recordings.
  • Automatically flag screenshots containing unsafe content.
  • Quickly review comprehensive activity and alarm logs to detect potentially harmful activity.
  • Configure risk scores to denote suspect activities and identify users taking part in those activities.
  • Leverage user behavior analytics to identify gaps in security policies and fix vulnerabilities.
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An ActivTrak filter screenshots report showing 3 unsafe screenshots.

Utilize Reporting to Find Trends in Risky User Behavior

Traditional threat detection focuses alerting primarily on IP addresses and indicators of compromise, making it difficult to retrace the user activity that triggered the alert. Without additional context, every alert requires time-consuming validation and deeper investigation.

  • Get insight into what actions led to compromised systems and breaches.
  • Consult the Risk Level Report to see which users exhibit high-risk behavior and which suspicious activities occur more frequently.
  • Identify anomalous behavior instantly using the intuitive dashboard.
  • Discover how much real time is spent using work relevant tools.
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Productivity line graph showing a week's worth of data. Green for productive, red for unproductive and yellow for passive.

Uncover Security Gaps from Offsite Access

Discover certain user behavior of remote workers that could be considered risky to security policies to take quick corrective action.

  • Secure sensitive information from being shared using screenshot redaction.
  • Flag screen content that introduces vulnerabilities.
  • Control USB device usage of the events.
  • Alert on upload of files to the cloud.
  • Review screenshots for instances of security breach.
  • Receive notifications when an employee deviates from standard operating procedure.
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A top alarm risk scores report with a bar chart showing activities done like viewed medical records and names of employees.

Supporting Evidence Archive

Use ActivTrak to investigate security breaches and come to a confident conclusion about what happened, when it happened, and who was responsible.

  • Download all reports and screenshots to your own storage solution.
  • Access data as far back in time as needed with unlimited data storage.
  • Integrate ActivTrak’s Data Connect with your existing security tools for further reporting.
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An ActivTrak storage report, set to users, with several lines of data.


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