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The Challenge:
How to effectively monitor and analyze employee behavior

Businesses lack visibility into employee behavior that tells managers how work actually gets done. This creates inefficiency at the team and individual level. At the same time, employee privacy is a top concern as employee monitoring ‘spyware’ has made a recent comeback. How does a business continue to optimize and increase efficiency while balancing employee productivity and privacy?

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The Solution:
ActivTrak – Workforce analytics and employee monitoring

Employee Monitoring has evolved. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to watch employee activity and hand out reprimands based on time at the screen. Built with employee privacy in mind, ActivTrak Workforce Analytics allows you to understand what your team is doing at a high level in order to optimize the flow of tools and activity to be most efficient for your organization.

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Identify Workflow bottlenecks and inefficient operational tools and policies

Understand what apps are being used to reduce costs and optimize your tech stack

Discover workload discrepancies and redistribution opportunities

Analyze hours of peak productivity to understand when your team prefers to work

Embrace a truly flexible schedule without sacrificing productivity

Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2020

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How can ActivTrak help you monitor and analyze employee activity?

Identify and resolve inefficient operational workflows

Today’s business operations seek to be as efficient as possible.
Use ActivTrak to compare work patterns of the top performers on the team to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

  • Evaluate the steps an employee takes to complete a task in real time.
  • Measure activities to determine benchmark times to complete specific tasks.
  • Leverage activity data to learn employee workflows and where time can be better allocated.
  • Weigh the effectiveness of new operating procedures and how they impact productivity.
  • Identify what tools employees need, most productive work times and which teams work best together.
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Ensure employee privacy & create a culture of trust

Keep personally identifiable information (PII) private, secure sensitive information from being captured, and ensure legal and ethical compliance with employee information.

  • Redact and keep private sensitive information such as social security numbers, DOB, phone numbers and more.
  • Share productivity reports with employees to instill a routine of transparency.
  • Use the insights to gamify productivity and reward groups for their good work.
  • Use data insights as coaching opportunities to drive engagement.
  • Use the Top Groups view as a leaderboard to encourage competition between teams.
  • Respect privacy by setting user tracking schedules based on individual work hours.
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Find unbalanced workload patterns & redistribute tasks

Get clear visibility into employee, team or department groups’ work time behavior with the Working Hours report.

  • Understand work durations and trends for both remote and in-office employees.
  • View first activity, last activity, total time and productive and unproductive time in hours.
  • Analyze activities weekly, monthly and yearly to discover optimal scheduling
  • Uncover spikes in workload to identify potentially overworked employees.
  • Use the data insights to redistribute staffing levels or introduce new workflows.
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Track application usage to manage costs

Discover all of the applications and licenses you pay for in your organization and how many people actually use them. ActivTrak lets you manage application overload and cost by determining which are necessary to operations and which can be eliminated.

  • Take inventory of all programs used by every employee.
  • View application and website usage logs to determine utilization levels and how many licenses you really need.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set
    usage limits.
  • Discover poor performing software or systems.
  • Determine whether the right amount of resources are used to deliver a service, product or activity.
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Analyze productivity insights and identify disengagement

Understanding productivity begins with measuring activity data. ActivTrak collects data and assigns a “Productive” and “Unproductive” label to common applications and websites used by employees. Help identify employees who may be disengaged uncovering coaching opportunities.

  • View productivity data to identify top performers and to gauge performance across your team.
  • See productivity analytics via a daily Team Pulse to understand patterns and areas for improvement.
  • Leverage reports to analyze and find the right workload balance for each team member.
  • Uncover distracting usage patterns of entertainment and social media websites.
  • Compare trends by displaying the data for one day, weeks, months, and years.
  • Gamify operations and encourage friendly competition with a Top Groups leaderboard.
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Uncover potential security gaps

It’s important to understand typical employee work patterns. Having a clear picture of what is routine and what is an anomaly can help uncover potentially harmful and risky activities even if unintentional.

  • Identify anomalous behavior using the intuitive dashboard.
  • Get data insights into what actions led to compromised systems and breaches.
  • View which users exhibit high-risk behavior and which activities occur more frequently.
  • Secure sensitive information from being shared using screenshot redaction.
  • Flag screen content that introduces vulnerabilities for further investigation.
  • Block access to risky websites which may introduce malware.
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