Website Blocking

Websites exist for anything from crocheting instructionals and sports to business templates and competitive insights.Typically organizations want employees to have access to many websites, but not all. Businesses may prefer to prevent visits to some websites for a number of reasons, though the strongest cases are to ensure productivity and security as well as prevent access to inappropriate websites.

Customize Blocked Websites

Utilize ActivTrak’s website blocking tool to keep an ever-expanding list of the sites you choose to block. Enjoy the flexibility to block websites in a way that is best suited to your organization. Easily add, remove, and modify your list of blocked domains as needed. Create groups of any number of employees to block websites from including individuals, departments, or the entire organization.

Block Unproductive Websites

Websites can be both productive and unproductive depending on who is using them. Social Media Managers will spend a lot of time on Facebook, LinkedIn and others while business analysts should spend the majority of their time on other websites that reflect their role. Gambling, gaming, online dating &/or other inappropriate sites you might prefer to block to keep your workforce engaged. Administrators can determine who should have access to which sites, and then use ActivTrak to block websites accordingly.

Defend against Malware

The distribution of malware and cyber attacks are examples of threats that make visiting various sites extremely dangerous. One way to make your cybersecurity more robust is to block access to risky websites. Though you can’t know of every single dangerous site, you can be proactive by using ActivTrak to block access to the ones you know have the potential to do harm.

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