USB Tracking

Know when files leave your office and monitor the usage of USB devices on your tracked computers. ActivTrak’s USB Detection protects your proprietary information and safeguards your company from insider threats.

The USB Alarm triggers when the agent detects USB activity, like when a drive is inserted or written to. Configure a USB Alarm using conditions and reactions as you would with standard activity alarms, or leave conditions blank to capture all usage.

Instant Notifications

Instead of learning about a security breach hours or days after it happens, set up instant notifications. Send an email to an administrator containing the details of the suspicious USB activity. Remind the user of your file sharing policies via a pop-up message. Notify any other security software in your existing stack via Webhooks.

Context with Clarity

Research recorded USB activities with ActivTrak’s unbiased reports and visual evidence. Consult the Alarm Log for details like the date and time of the action or how long the USB drive remained inserted. Record a video that shows the event itself, as well as 15 seconds before and after the alarm was triggered. Download screenshots and videos of USB drive usage.

Rate the Risk

Assign a Risk Number to rate the danger level for different users or machines. For example, someone editing video will probably use an external hard drive to keep video files. An alarm created for their external drive activity may only need a risk level of three or four. However, an alarm for a sales rep who has access to customer account data may require a level of 8 or 9 if a USB device is attached. Review the Risk Level Report to identify the users with the most suspicious computer usage.

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