Team Productivity Pulse

Immediately see user and team productivity and availability status via an at-a-glance dashboard. See real-time productivity metrics across individuals and teams throughout the day with Team Pulse.

Get a Daily Team Pulse on Productivity

See a snapshot of workforce productivity for the day with Team Pulse. View cards for each employee and across teams summarizing key information such as:

  • Daily at-a-glance snapshots of individual and team productivity.
  • Employees’ real-time availability (active, passive, offline) with easy color-coded identifiers.
  • Productivity status by % indicators revealing top performers.
  • Number of hours worked by each employee.
  • Drill-down into reports for additional details on application usage and productivity analysis.
  • Filter by users or groups to see snapshots of the workday for individuals and teams.

View Productivity by Individuals

See productivity across team members to understand focus and application stack usage throughout the day. Get instant insights including:

  • Which team members are active and on which applications are they working?
  • Which work tool is each employee using most often?
  • What does productivity look like by individual team members?
  • Who are the Top Users by productivity %?
  • What are the top applications worked on that day?
6 individual team pulse reports, separate from each other, for Joe, Larry, Linda, Mary, John and Peter.

View Productivity by Teams

Get a snapshot of productivity across your organization’s teams or functional groups throughout the day. Get immediate visibility into key insights including: 

  • What does productivity look like across my teams?
  • What were the most common work tools used today?
  • Which employees are active or unavailable in a given team?
  • What is the average number of hours worked by each team?
  • Which employees are today’s top performers on my teams?
An ActivTrak dashboard showing the daily team pulse report.

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Get bite-sized business intelligence for understanding productivity, pinpointing inefficient operational areas, viewing top users and teams as well as top applications and websites usage.

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ActivTrak offers multiple analytical reports to help you gain valuable insights and increase team productivity. All reports contain powerful filters to help you discover trends more quickly. Drill-down by date ranges, users, computers, productivity classification, and other criteria for comparative analysis.

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Activity Classification

Build a library of applications and websites employees use to measure productive and unproductive activities. Classify applications and websites into descriptive categories for deep analysis and reporting.

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Data Connect is available to ActivTrak Advanced Plan customers. It is a powerful analytics tool that provides customers direct access into key user behavioral activity data to query and connect with external BI data visualization tools and other business data sources. Data Connect is available as an add-on module to ActivTrak Advanced Plan customers.

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Reference detailed logs of user activities and security events collected to better understand what transpired, when and by whom.

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User Activity Monitoring

Immediately see what users are doing at that moment. Understand employee workflows, uncover compliance risks and more. Create custom schedules for monitoring user activities for teams in different locations and time zones worldwide.

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Activate pre-built alarms and custom create your own with any combination of conditions. Configure automated reactions such as email notifications and screenshot captures plus send notifications to external messaging apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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Website Blocking

Organizations want employees to have access to many websites, but not all. You may prefer to prevent visits to some websites for a number of reasons, such as to ensure productivity and security as well as prevent access to inappropriate websites.

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See the visual evidence of present &/or past history of activities with high-resolution screenshots. Protect sensitive data with screenshot redaction and flag screen content that introduces compliance vulnerabilities.

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