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Build a library of applications and websites employees use to understand where and how employees work. ActivTrak automatically classifies most common applications and websites into descriptive categories with productive and unproductive status. You also have the ability to customize to suit your unique needs.

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Intelligent Auto-Classification of Productivity and Categories

Use your library of applications and websites employees use to build a starting point to measure operational activities daily, weekly, etc. and better understand usage patterns.  

  • Automated, crowd-sourced classification of most common applications and websites. 
  • Use Quick Filters to assign classification to activities that are pending or undefined. 
  • Collect a library of work tools automatically assigned appropriate categories to reflect activities and roles such as email, meetings, accounting, development &/or sales.
  • Get context on top websites employees visit most as well as top users on the activity.
  • View top applications and websites with descriptive categories for better analysis and reporting.
  • Understand application and website usage and use the data insights to better instrument workflows for efficiency. 

Measure and Analyze Productivity

Start the process of improving productivity by measuring it. ActivTrak automatically assigns “Productive” or “Unproductive” labels to many common applications and websites used by employees. You can also change those assignments and add new categories to suit your needs. 

  • View the dashboard Productivity chart with color-coding to see productive and unproductive time spent. 
  • Get a snapshot of activities with pending productivity classification status to take action.
  • View Details to see more context of the top titles employees visit most as well as the top three users on that activity.   
  • View a productivity report to learn frequently used unproductive applications or websites and set usage limits to help employees stay focused and more engaged. 
  • Discover what tools employees use most and most productive work time periods.

Classification by Groups

For organizations with multiple groups, teams or departments, the productivity and assigned category of certain websites or applications may differ across various roles. Assign exceptions to productivity and category classifications than the default assignment to suit your needs.

  • Flexibility to assign productivity and categories based on user-defined contexts.
  • Differentiate productivity and category classifications by groups or roles
  • Assign single or multiple exceptions to a classification as needed
  • View group classifications in your reports and dashboards.


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Capterra Logo ActivTrak's Capterra Star Review Ratings 4/5

464 Reviews: 4.6/5

Best monitoring software, period.

ActivTrak does everything you need and nothing you don't. It's user friendly, visually appealing and robust...I have tried more than six applications for this purpose and this is the best.

G2 Crowd Logo ActivTrak's G2 Crowd Star Review Ratings 4/5

113 Reviews: 4.6/5

Amazing program!!!

I researched every monitoring service and ActivTrak is hands down the best investment you'll ever make. It’s very easy to use and even easier to set up. Their support team is always available when you need them for anything!

Trustpilot Logo ActivTrak's Trustpilot Star Review Ratings 4/5

1212 Reviews: 4.5/5

Light yet powerful.

No PC disruption or bandwidth consumption. It just WORKS! The SQL data access is fantastic and works beautifully along with Tableau. Really helps to identify KPIs throughout the organization. It's a no-brainer.

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