ActivTrak Settings

Options available in the Settings and Account Management sub-menus let you configure ActivTrak to work in coordination with your existing systems and policies. Updating, maintaining, and configuring your account is simple, ActivTrak enables you to keep up with your growing team.

Manage Users

Grant Access to other ActivTrak admins. Configure how ActivTrak displays users and computers. Take advantage of User and Computer Aliases to change the viewable name of a computer or user. Make the names of your users easier to identify, or combine several instances of a user to composite all usage data under one alias. Rename obscure computer names from ‘DELL586’ to ‘John’s Dell’. Prevent ActivTrak from tracking specific people, add or remove Chromebook users, and create custom tracking schedules to limit monitoring to only work hours.

Categorize Activities and Teams

Configure ActivTrak to reflect your organization and its policies. Define applications and websites as productive or unproductive. Bundle similar apps and sites into descriptive categories. Ignore designated apps and websites to keep them out of reports. Create groups of users to compare against each other. For example, compare two different sales teams or all departments in your organization.


Grant access to your ActivTrak account for general users and administrators. General users are limited to dashboards, reports, screen captures, and exports from only their assigned groups. Administrators have full control of ActivTrak, including the ability to create new alarms, change any current settings, or delete users and usage data. Identify all changes to your account’s settings in the Security Audit report.

General Settings

The Weekly Digest is an email containing a high-level overview of the team’s performance from the previous week. Designate which users should receive the digest each week from the general settings sub-menu. Customize how ActivTrak displays date and time for all users on the account. Select your time zone, date format, and time format. View active agents, see total storage used, and the last log and screenshot recorded for each agent. Review a webhooks log to see if any failed.

Some custom settings are only available with an Advanced Plan Subscription.

Upgrade to an Advanced Annual Plan to take advantage of our Add-on options such as Screenshot Flagging, Video Playback, Screenshot Redaction, and Raw Data Access.

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