Scheduled Monitoring

Scheduled Monitoring lets you create an unlimited number of custom reporting schedules to tell ActivTrak when it should and shouldn’t be monitoring your assigned workstations.

How to: scheduled monitoring
Schedule monitoring

One Schedule Does Not Fit All

Track anywhere from 15 minutes per day to all day every day. Each organization is different. That means their teams operate on unique, ever-changing schedules. Administrators have complete control over when ActivTrak tracks individuals, groups, or the entire team. Schedules can be customized to track only on certain days of the week and only during specified periods throughout each day.

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Privacy Off the Clock

Take steps to ensure employees have as much privacy as possible. Gather activity data only when employees are on the company’s dime. Set up schedules to stop monitoring employee activities on lunch breaks, right before, after work, or when they’re using their work computers at home.

Pulling the data

Keep Your Data Pool Clean

To have the most accurate understanding of your business’s operations, it’s important to ensure the data you’re collecting only contains activity that happens during work hours. Extraneous data, like personal usage off the clock, have the potential to skew the reports you base your decisions on. When you set monitoring schedules to align with work schedules, you keep your data clean.

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