Risk Scoring

Assess risks within your organization by configuring and monitoring risk scores. Risk scoring gives you a tailored list of risks categorized by user behavior and individual user activity. Use risk scores to denote risky activities and identify users taking part in those activities.

How do Risk Scores work?

How do Risk Scores work?

When you create an activity or USB alarm, assign a point value from one to ten to represent the level of risk the activity presents. As your organization operates and users match various alarm conditions, they’ll develop calculated risk values in ActivTrak. The higher the number, the greater the chance there is for troublesome behavior.

Behavior Risk Scores

User Behavior Risk Scores

View risk scores by alarm to see which activities occur most frequently within your organization. Determine what behaviors need to be monitored more closely. Take action to reduce risk behaviors either through new policies or with alarm actions like program termination.

User Risk Scores

User Activity Risk Scores

Some users may not understand how dangerous their actions are. Identify the people on your team who perform high-risk actions and discover what those actions are. User risk scores aren’t just for security. Set scores to identify disengaged users to understand who needs encouragement and coaching.

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