This page shows general FAQs about ActivTrak. If you have other questions, please contact us or check out our support articles.

Do you do product demos or training?

Yes. ActivTrak has a team dedicated to answering your questions and helping you implement ActivTrak as effortlessly as possible. We are happy to schedule a live, remote demonstration that highlights everything ActivTrak can do for you, no matter where in the world you are located.

There are many convenient ways to get a hold of us.

We are here for you Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

To talk to a real person on the phone, call 1-888-907-0301.

To live chat with a real person, click the Live Chat box at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can access Live Chat from anywhere on this website and inside ActivTrak.

You can also email us at info@activtrak.com.

If you have an ActivTrak account and have a request, click here to send us a message.

Or join us on Facebook every Wednesday at 1 pm live for a demonstration.

Does ActivTrak tool affect PC performance at all?

No. Up-to-date and virus-free computers have no issues running ActivTrak. It will not slow your computer down.

Can I install ActivTrak on a mobile phone?

Access your ActivTrak account and view your data anywhere, anytime with our iPhone app available from the Apple App store. The ActivTrak app does not currently monitor mobile phones. For now, ActivTrak only collects data from Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS and a Chrome browser installed on any desktop operating system, including Linux, FreeBSD, and others.

Download the app here for iOS here for IOS and here for Android.

Can I capture passwords or keystrokes with ActivTrak?

No. ActivTrak does not have a keylogger feature. Internet Monitoring Software that keylogs is sometimes classified as a virus by antivirus programs. We want things to run smoothly for you, so ActivTrak intentionally does not record or monitor keystrokes. This allows us to stay on the safe lists of all popular antivirus software.

Instead of recording keystrokes, we utilize fully customizable Screenshots to capture a clear and quick visual of what users are doing. Screenshots show you exactly what users see on their screens.

We are currently building a Content Analysis tool for Screenshots that will allow you to search Screenshots by keyword. For example, you will be able to type in “games,” and this new Content Analysis tool will find all the Screenshots that have that text in them.

How do I uninstall an ActivTrak Agent?

To uninstall the Agent from a computer, just download and run the latest installer file from your Account Dashboard. If the Agent is already installed, it will ask if you want to remove the Agent.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the downloaded file and select ‘Uninstall’.

You can also delete all collected data from Reports/Agents tab. This will release your limit, so you can install an Agent on other computers.

If Activtrak is uninstalled will it be shown in the reports?

If the Agent is uninstalled, old data will continue to be shown in the reports, but no new data will be collected.

Use the Reports/Agents tab to delete data from the agent.

If users at my company work on multiple workstations in multiple locations will ActivTrak work for me?

Yes, all you do is install the ActivTrak agent on the workstation, either physically or via remote installation. User and computer analytics will begin reporting to your cloud-based admin panel where you can filter reports by users and/or computer. You can also build reports based on Active Directory groups of users or computers.

Will it work on a terminal server?

Yes. Just install the Agent on the server. It will monitor each session under Terminal Services. We charge per user, not per computer or workstation, so you pay only for active employees and not machines that sit idle or have no assigned user.

Is this compatible with macOS, Chrome and other operating systems?

Yes. The ActivTrak tracking Agent is available for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and a Chrome browser installed on any desktop operating system, including Linux, FreeBSD, and others.

Does ActivTrak recognize idle workstations, even if the screensaver is not active?

Yes. ActivTrak senses mouse and keyboard movement and determines if a user session is inactive so that actual application usage time is reported in the log and reflected in the statistics. By default, if a workstation is without user input for two minutes, it is considered idle.

Does ActivTrak track the URLs for browser applications, or just the text in the title bar?

For all applications, ActivTrak records the title bar text, but for browsers, it collects data fields including the full URL, IP Address, meta descriptions and much more.

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