ActivTrak Agent

Invisible Tracking Agent With Remote Deployment

ActivTrak’s Tracking Agent is what you install on the device you wish to collect data from. It requires no lengthy installation and no adjustments to your network.

Agent is an .msi or .pkg file customized to each individual account. It is robust, reliable, and has a low system profile across multiple platforms, meaning it can be downloaded on both Windows and Mac operating systems, and requires low CPU usage.

It does not appear in the programs list, doesn’t create any startup or desktop icons, and is not recognizable from the task manager.




Download the Agent manually by clicking the “Download ActivTrak Agent” button shown in the tutorial above.

Once installed, the ActivTrak Agent immediately begins to collect productivity usage data, such as titlebars (on both websites and applications) and URLs, the time of each activity and when the device is at passive. This information is reported back to the cloud whenever a secure connection is available.

If there is no internet connection due to an outage, travel or any other reason, the tracker keeps a local copy of the captured activity data on the device until a secure network connection is established, at which point the agent uploads all activity since the last upload.

We made the conscious decision to not use any gray-hat monitoring techniques such as keystroke logging, or collecting passwords and other information from personal profiles. Because of this decision, not only are we known as the friendly monitoring software, but agent plays well and collaborates with most popular security solutions.

Remote Installer (Paid Accounts Only)

ActivTrak’s remote deployment of the tracking agent allows network administrators to install the tracking agent on any computer inside their network by simply pointing to the appropriate IP Address. Other methods of agent installation include distribution via Active Directory Group Policies, direct install via the ActivTrak web app, or by downloading the agent onto a USB storage device then uploading it to each computer individually.


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