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As a matter of fact, I am extremely pleased with your service. I had clicked an advertisement banner one day because I had noticed your company was claiming it was free and did everything you could really ask it to do. I immediately assumed there was a catch and was ready for some sort of shadiness to happen, but still decided to check it out and am very glad I did.

I really like how quick and easy it is to install. I also like the fact that it really seems to be stealth. I am a computer geek, and was able to actually see it was there when trying to see if it was truly stealth. I was able to see that ActivTrak had created a couple rules in the Windows Firewall settings (which most people really don’t ever look over those settings anyway). The only thing that was a bust was the name ActivTrak.

Anyway, I usually don’t bother to take time out of my day to write things like this, but would like to thank you and your company for your service. Very impressed, very satisfied.

Will – Customer Since December 2012

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