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Ramiz Khan
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We’re happy to announce that Scheduled Monitoring is now available for all ActivTrak accounts!

Scheduled Monitoring lets you tell ActivTrak when it should and shouldn’t be monitoring your assigned workstation. You can now rest assured knowing you’re not collecting data outside your scheduled monitoring hours.

Scheduled Monitoring was designed for ActivTrak users with employees who take their laptops home, or freelance workers with required working hours. (15)

We realized some people don’t work as much as we do! Just kidding, we have to go home sometime. What actually brought this new need to light was you, our users!

As soon as we realized there was a need to only collect data during working hours, we knew this feature was necessary for our continued efforts to protect employee privacy. We realized there were some instances, be it a freelancer or office employee with a laptop at home, where ActivTrak reporting was not necessary.

Now you can create an unlimited number of custom reporting schedules! This gives you the flexibility to choose when you need to know who’s doing what, and for how long.

Create a schedule by simply dragging the blue overlay to cover your working hours for each working day, or when you would like ActivTrak to report usage data, then assign your schedule to the appropriate individuals. Don’t worry, we have a pre-loaded schedule for regular working hours (9am-12pm/1pm-5pm).


We believe this new functionality will not only better protect employee privacy but also make reading your reports much easier, as all data will now be relevant data.

To start using Scheduled Monitoring now, simply login, update your agents to the latest version (released today), then head over to Settings > Scheduling to start creating your schedules!

Keep an eye out for more new features coming soon!

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