We would love to share some ActivTrak tips and tricks with you today. Here are some ActivTrak features that might have flown under your radar.

You Can Disable Screenshots

Screenshot collection criteria can be modified or turned off. See the Alarms tab on your main account page.

Screenshots are actually generated by alarms. The alarm criteria are evaluated every time there is a change in the active window titlebar. You can disable screenshots by modifying your default alarm. Alternatively, you may want to add some additional criteria to your alarm to only take screenshots when it’s absolutely required.

Disabling Screenshots Alarm

Group Policy Distribution

Using Group Policy, you can significantly reduce an organization’s total cost of ownership by saving your time installing ActivTrak Agents on all your workstations across organization. Please read the following article for detailed instructions:

Group Policy Distribution of ActivTrak Agent

ActivTrak Can Be Installed Remotely (+Bonus tip)

The Remote Agent Installation feature of the ActivTrak allows you to install the Agent on individual workstations connected to the network without having to physically visit the workstations.

While Group Policy distribution is a more efficient way to install the agent on large numbers of workstations, the remote agent installation feature is useful when dealing with a small number of computers.

Every ActivTrak account comes with a remote agent installation tool. It will allow you to remotely install your ActivTrak Agent on other computers on your Active Directory network. (Note: You must be on an Active Directory Network, and you must have admin rights over the other computer.)

Feel free to download an install utility for the ActivTrak agent from the following page:


(Account authorization is required)

Just install the Remote Installer. Point it to your Agent .msi file that you downloaded earlier. Then point it to one of the computers on your network and press Install. You can also use it to uninstall.

ActivTrak Remote Installer

Bonus Feature for careful readers: Remote Installer software can be used with any .msi package you might have. Any!

Multiple Administrators

Administators are organization’s team members who will access ActivTrak Dashboard, build reports, get email alers and change ActivTrak settings – they need individual access to your ActivTrak Account.

Your account may have an unlimited number of Administrators. Absolutely free.

Access to usage data can be managed using the Settings/Access tab in your online account. ActivTrak users who are listed as Administrators may view all log data and screenshots without restriction. In larger organizations you may want to allow managers to view ActivTrak data only for users who are in their department.

To accomplish this, first specify their account as non-Administrator. Then assign groups of users or computers as being viewable to the non-Admin account. Use the drop down lists on the Settings/Access page. You may first have to define your groups using the Settings/Groups tab. If you are on an Active Directory network, your Active Directory groups will already be defined. Even if you are on an ActiveDirectory network you may define additional ActivTrak groups that can also be used for assigning permissions.

You may assign viewing permissions to non-Admins using either user groups, or computer groups, or both. If, for instance, you specify only user groups, the data will be visible to the non-Admin regardless of which computer the monitored user is on.

When working with the group lists, hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple groups or to unselect a group.

Try All Our Paid Features Free for 30 Days

The Free Plan allows you to monitor up to 3 computers and store 1Gb worth of logs and screenshots. When you have a Free Plan, you can only record a single screenshot each time you click on a new window or your webpage is changed in the monitored browser. If you find yourself hitting this limit or need to make more screenshots, try one of our Paid Plans.

Paid subscribers of ActivTrak have the ability to record continuous, multiple screenshots for a newly activated window. When combined with alarm criteria that targets a specific website or applications, multiple screenshots can be quite useful in tracking activities of interest, such as long instant messenger conversations, social network usage, etc.

Secret Tip: Monthly plans can be canceled at any time. We will even refund your most recent monthly payment. Annual plans can be canceled during the first 30 days. This is very similar to a free 30 days trial of all the paid features like unlimited ssd-based data storage, multiple continuous screenshots, exports, etc.

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