January 17, 2018

Control Your Liability with ActivTrak: Case Study

ActivTrak | Royal Airforce Air Cadets Case Study

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAF), a nonprofit military youth organization, enlisted the help of ActivTrak to control their liability and ensure internet safety for the cadets under their supervision. The easy implementation and affordable cost of ActivTrak allowed The Royal Air Force Cadets to monitor and control access to harmful websites, better understand unrecognized home issues, and gave them the confidence to begin to develop and implement technology-based learning with their cadets.


The Air Cadet Organization was formed as an essential part of the Royal Air Force, supplying better-trained and experienced personnel during times of war, it has evolved into the largest air cadet organization in the world.

During the 1930s the beginnings of today’s CCF (RAF) appeared in the form of OTC Air Sections. In 1948, the OTC was renamed the Combined Cadet Force and most of the original OTC Air Sections became CCF (RAF) units. This is the structure that exists today with some CCF (RAF) sections boasting a history of nearly 150 years of service!

With such a prestigious history and close connections to the Royal Air Force, The Royal Air Force Air Cadets needed to ensure safety and security of their cadets online in the 21st century.

The Challenge:

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets are a Military-disciplined youth organization that reached out to ActivTrak with concerns about their youth cadets, ranging from ages 12-20, accessing harmful websites and applications on their computers under the care of The Royal Air Force Cadets.

Being a non-profit organization, cost, security, and ease of use were primary factors included in the decision-making process. Sergeant Lowe found that others within his organization would not only need to have access, but they must be able to easily navigate through the program, and be able to understand who’s doing what, when and for how long. Moreover, Sergeant Lowe needed something that could control, limit, and notify administrators when cadets were being unsafe online.

Sergeant James Lowe reached out to ActivTrak after conducting research. After kicking the tires, affordability was the only question left to answer.

The Solution:

He tested the software for one week and immediately fell in love with the product. Sergeant Lowe reached out to ActivTrak to discuss deploying ActivTrak across his squadrons. After a short back and forth, the two sides came to mutual agreement on cost, and began the process of deployment.

Setup was painless, as they were able to integrate and deploy ActivTrak in only a few seconds per computer.

After toying around with some alarms, and blocking malicious websites, the RAF was set. James soon realized ActivTrak was about to make his life a lot easier, as he grew to love the real-time and activity log features because of the clarity and visibility into his cadets’ online activities. The sergeant expressed relief knowing that he had provided the young individuals they were liable for with a more safe and secure online experience.

Success Story:

In no time ActivTrak gave the entire organization more confidence over their cadets’ activities.

“The information provided has been useful to provide feedback to the project sponsors and provide direction for continued development of our system, including investment decision making.”

– Deputy IT Officer C&E Yorks ATC, Sergeant James Lowe (ATC)

Since implementation, the use of ActivTrak has given the Royal Air Force Air Cadets the confidence to proceed with developing technology-based learning with the cadets. ActivTrak has allowed this historic organization modify and adapt to the changing times, needs, and skills of the 21st century.

Additionally, ActivTrak has allowed the organization to get ahead of some potential child protection issues, and utilize their skill sets and training to ensure all youths under their supervision are protected and cared for at all times.

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