Feb 16 2017

[Case Study] Take Your Company to New Heights with ActivTrak

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Executive Summary:

A startup with cutting edge technology wanted to implement Six-sigma Lean Methodology in their process on a key project. In order to do so, Biorev, LLC implemented ActivTrak’s software to gain control over their remote workforce productivity, increase focus during projects, and block distracting websites to keep team productivity high, and overall business flowing smoothly. With ActivTrak’s easy-to-use monitoring suite, Biorev can monitor productivity to ensure business goals are met.

Short Summary:

Using ActivTrak’s user behavior analytics service, Biorev is able to become operationally profitable and ensure productivity meets business expectations.


Biorev, LLC is an international consulting and 3D rendering startup company that specializes in 3D rendering and animation, web design, mobile application development, and end-to-end manpower staffing solutions. Biorev has the track record, support, and service to take projects to a new level. Providing multiple services for a variety of large companies internationally from the construction industry to technology spaces, Biorev has zero space for errors, and less to correct them.

The Challenge:

Executive VP of Media and Digital Marketing, Sagar Gupta, contacted ActivTrak with a mission to improve his company’s performance, unfavorable team productivity, and to eliminate repeated errors on completed projects. Given that his entire team was working remotely (either from home or their Offshore Indian Offices), Sagar realized he did not have a detailed understanding of what was being done during working hours, which resulted in numerous errors in projects due to not having control over his team’s internet or work activities.

With Biorev trying to implement Six-sigma Lean Methodology in their process on a key project, Sagar wanted a solution that would give him complete control over his employee activities to ensure they’re dedicated to their work, and not making those same errors from previous projects.

After preliminary research, Biorev came to find that many monitoring services come equipped with unnecessary features, which made the products complicated to use, and much more expensive than they could justify. Sagar realized these additional details provided little-to-no value in helping him solve his problem.

Moreover, as a startup, Biorev couldn’t justify paying hefty costs on a limited budget for unnecessary feature packages that didn’t directly address his clear, immediate issues.

The Solution:

After just over a week of using the free trial to test the software, Biorev decided to move forward with implementing ActivTrak across the entire company. The upgrade process was quick and painless – Sagar even managed to negotiate an extra agent free of charge!

Sagar soon realized that ActivTrak is truly a plug and play software, as he easily installed the tracking agent on every computer in his company, and configured all settings in under two hours. Once the data began to collect, Sagar knew ActivTrak was the answer Biorev had been looking for.

Specifically, Biorev loved the ability to label the productive value of activities, and block unproductive websites to keep employees on-task and focused. With ActivTrak, Biorev was back in complete control, and on top of their employee activity.

Success Story:

In less than a month, Sagar saw a complete turn-around in his team’s productivity, and increased operational profitability.

That key project where Biorev implemented ActivTrak actually won the company “Best Home Technology Product” at the NAHB 2017 International Builders’ Show® (IBS), because they were able to able to finish their projects on-time, free of errors and at the superior level of quality expected by both Sagar and Biorev as a whole.

All of Biorev’s computers are currently paired with ActivTrak’s agents. Biorev plans to use ActivTrak on every computer for every employee for the foreseeable future.

“ActivTrak was simply plug and play, believe it or not. It took me 2-3 mins per machine to get started and overall took me 1 hour to block all the unnecessary sites. In no time, I was ruling the entire thing, and was on top of my employees activity.”

– Sagar Gupta, Biorev, LLC EVP – Media & Digital Marketing 

About Biorev, LLC

Biorev provides photorealistic 3D renderings and 3D animations for the design/build industry, inventors, and product developers. Biorev is dedicated to customer service. We stand behind our work and we support client technology needs unconditionally. Biorev has the track record, support, and service to take your project to a new level. We create beautiful conversion-friendly websites, drive targeted website traffic, and create outstanding 3D Renderings and Animations. The staff at Biorev has been responsible for designing multimedia presentations for a variety of large companies internationally.

We are young HR technologies, outsourcing and Services Company, We provide end-to-end employee life cycle management solutions to organizations. Biorev is a leading HR Outsourcing company, specializing in HR Shared Services, Recruitment, Offshore Staffing, Consultancy Services, Technology solutions for web and mobile applications, Social Media Solutions and IT solutions

We are proudly serving clients globally ranging from IT to Construction Industry.

Oct 10 2016

[Case Study] Keeping Employees Focused with ActivTrak


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Using ActivTrak’s employee monitoring and Behavior analytics service, Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd is able to focus on business priorities and not worry abut whether or not their staff is on track and focused.

Executive Summary

A company with a focus on individually crafting iconic custom awards, Parry International Enterprise has no time to waste when it comes to customer service. With ActivTrak’s easy-to-use features, Parry can monitor or block websites that do not contribute to the productivity of employees, as well as determine which individuals need extra grooming in order to advance in the company.


Parry International Enterprise, an international custom-design award maker is known for its range and quality of trophy awards. With clients such as Chase, Adobe, and Prudential, the company has a high reputation to uphold.

The Challenge

When Director Catherine Tio began to suspect that one of the employees in the customer service department may be doing excessive personal tasks on the company’s time, she began investigating the issue. Catherine realized she needed a way to determine which employees were taking advantage of work hours for personal business, and she needed proof to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

The Solution

Catherine began researching ways to monitor employees and came across ActivTrak. Since the service offered a free trial, she decided to try it out. Integrating the entire service in less than half an hour, the whole process was fast and straightforward – no hoops to jump through.

It became immediately apparent that the software was a perfect match for Parry International Enterprise’s needs. Managers were able to track application and web usage, see screenshots of every page visited and monitor the time viewed on each page.

ActviTrak’s simple installation process and intuitive interface fit well with what they were looking for, allowing them to see which employees remain focused when management wasn’t around. As a result, management was able to give additional attention to the employees in need, as well as reward productive employees.

Success Story

Since Installing ActivTrak an upgrading to a paid plan in April 2014, Parry has been able to better monitor computer usage within the company. Where ActivTrak truly aligned with Parry was its screenshots and extra dashboard features, such as alarms and productivity reports. Managing employees’ internet usage resulted in a more focused workplace, upholding the high standards of excellence Parry is known for.

“We are big fans of ActivTrak! Loyalty and trust are the foundations for any company to grow and succeed, and ActivTrak helps us to know which employees are honest and loyal behind our backs and reward the right ones.”

– Catherine Tio, Director at Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd

About Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd

Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd is the original design manufacturer of awards and recognition trophies and mementoes since 1975.

Armed with a wealth of more than 3 decades of experience in the corporate gifts servicing industry, Parry designs and builds custom awards or gifts for any client using a range of materials including crystal, glass, acrylic, wood, metal & fibrous materials.

Aug 1 2016
Sep 1 2015

[Case Study] Keep Your Employees Honest


Linden Care

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Using ActivTrak’s employee monitoring and analytics service, Linden Care, LLC is able to ensure open and honest communication between management and employees on the subject of internet usage.

Executive Summary

A pharmacy with a loyalty to those who suffer with pain, Linden Care adopted ActivTrak’s software to ensure employees’ focus remains on delivering top-notch results, not distracting websites. With ActivTrak’s easy-to-use features, Linden Care can block websites that do not contribute to the overall benefit of the company.


Linden Care, LLC (NDEREP) is a specialty pharmacy with a focus on pain management to meet the unique needs and challenges facing patients, their caregivers and practitioners. Linden Care has the infrastructure, the expertise and the staff to deliver high quality chronic pain support anywhere in the United States – right to your front door with no delivery fees.

The Challenge

As Linden Care expanded to meet nationwide demand, they hired a considerable number of new employees to keep up. With so many employees, managers cannot be expected to stand over the shoulders of every individual to ensure productivity. Despite the ease in which one can use the internet for personal activity during work hours, Linden Care needed to be able hold their workers accountable for the way they spend their time while on the clock. This task came with its own challenges. Linden Care soon faced the issue of finding the perfect tool to help keep employees productive. As Linden Care came to find, many monitoring services come equipped with unnecessary features, which made them complicated to use. The added details provided little-to-no value in helping them achieve their goal. The hefty price tag was also unappealing.

The Solution

After a few quick email exchanges and a free trial to test it out, Linden Care decided to move forward with implementing ActivTrak throughout the company. The process was fast and painless – no sales methods involved. It became increasingly evident that the software was a perfect match for Linden Care’s needs. ActivTrak’s seamless installation process and intuitive interface fit well with the large number of employees they sought to monitor in a simple and efficient way. Managers in particular enjoyed the simplicity of using the software, because it doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge nor complex details to get accustomed to. But where ActivTrak truly aligned with Linden Care was its remote capability. Managing employees’ internet usage across the nation can result in significant productivity issues, but ActivTrak allows Linden Care to keep their employees honest in any one of their locations.

Success Story

Of Linden Care’s 140+ employees, over two- thirds of the work stations are paired with ActivTrak agents – and that number is rapidly increasing. Linden Care plans on expanding further, installing the software on more company computers of both in-office and remote employees. Since installing ActivTrak, Linden Care has been able to better monitor computer usage within the company, and can work with employees who may not be using their time as they should.

“I am glad that I went with ActivTrak. The whole process with ActivTrak has been seamless, even the upgrade from 50 to 100 employee package. I would recommend ActivTrak to everyone who owns a business.”

– Chris Dixon, IT Systems Engineer at Linden Care LLC

About Linden Care

Linden Care, headquartered in Woodbury, NY, is a leading provider of specialty pharmacy services to the pain management industry. The Company is licensed in all 50 states and serves patients and physicians in the highly regulated pain industry. With best-in-class compliance practices, Linden Care works closely with leading pain pharmaceutical manufacturers and pain management physicians to facilitate medication access and optimize treatment outcomes for patients in the $25 billion chronic pain industry.

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Jun 23 2015

[Case Study] Maintain Your Standard of Excellence

Category: Case Study, Feedback

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Using ActivTrak’s employee monitoring and analytics service, Regenersis Huntingdon is able to focus on its own business priorities and not worry about its staff’s productivity and engagement levels.

Executive Summary

Technology life cycle service provider, Regenersis Huntingdon, integrated ActivTrak’s software in order to monitor employees’ Internet usage during the work day. By doing so, the company has been better able to assure an internal internet policy is consistently put into action.


Regenersis Huntingdon part of Regenersis PLC (LON:RGS) is a technology life cycle service provider that helps its clients and their customers deploy, protect, maintain, retire and reuse technology. In addition, Regenersis Huntingdon helps its clients differentiate their brands and increase customer loyalty by assuring people get the most out of their technology from the point of purchase. Regenersis Huntingdon is part of a large public company, maintaining offices in 24 countries, and who has a well-rounded roster of clients including Sony, Dell, Microsoft, and Samsung.

The Challenge

With such high-profile clients, it is imperative that Regenersis Huntingdon’ employees are productive and efficient in providing the best possible service at all times. To help ensure this happens, Regenersis Huntingdon set out in search of a service to meet the following demands:

  • Block harmful websites
  • Identify serious internet abusers
  • Assist with productivity monitoring
  • Assist with HR investigations
  • Regenersis Huntingdon tested various free and open source products; however, these products did not address all of the company’s needs.

The Solution

It quickly became apparent that ActivTrak is the ideal match for Regenersis Huntingdon, as the service meets and exceeds all of Regenersis Huntingdon’ requirements. ActivTrak allows managers to block sites that may be harmful to company computers, view screenshots of user activity and identify abusers, as well as view productivity statistics. Data of website and desktop app usage is displayed in an easy-to-understand format, with graphics that details percentages of time spent on a specific website or program tasks.

Furthermore, in situations where individual investigations into employee activity are necessary, the company’s HR department can now conduct the most thorough investigation possible, with no grey area. The company’s clear-cut internet ‘fair use’ policy can be upheld without any surprises to the staff, and employees are well aware of it.

Success Story

Regenersis Huntingdon now maintains 20 terminal ActivTrak agents, which are randomly rotated on a monthly basis between the company’s ~90 employees (unless a specific investigation is required).

“ActivTrak has made it possible for us to collect real world data on employees’ internet access, and in most cases has proven that there is no cause for alarm. On the occasion where a serious breach of policy has been detected,  ActivTrak gives us accurate data for the employee to be positively engaged to resolve the situation.”

Jody Armstrong, IT Manager at Regenersis Huntingdon PLC

About Regenersis Huntingdon

With its core business in repairing consumer electronics, Regenersis Huntingdon and Regenersis PLC helps companies like HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Orange, John Lewis, LG, Toshiba and others deliver the best possible after market service to its customers. Through the provision of technical call centres or managing returns and repairs, the company supports a wide range of products including mobile phones, laptops and tablets, set top boxes, televisions and other electronic equipment. Regenersis PLC also operates in the business-to-business environment where it offers high quality and secure repair and refurbishment solutions for chip and pin devices, ATMs and even MRI scanners.

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Jul 22 2014

Feedback: We’re very pleased with ActivTrak!

Category: Business Tips, Feedback

We’re pretty pleased with ActivTrak, although we’re not very pleased with what we’ve seen our employees being paid to spend time on… Which means, ActivTrak has been well worth it’s price. Everyone told me tracking software was for big companies, not small offices… I disagree!


Jul 5 2014

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Category: Feedback

I LOVE ActivTrak! I am using it to track what my kids are doing on the computer while I am at work, and it has been very beneficial so far. I like the screenshots so I can have a visual of what to look for if I have any questioning as to what they are looking at and playing. I have an older child and a younger one so I feel more comfortable seeing what my younger child is being exposed to while I am away. There are a lot of sites and games, as well, that are able to slide by the parental securities I have in place. ActivTrak rocks!


Apr 3 2014

We love getting feedback like this!

Category: Feedback

Oct 7 2013

Very interesting and informative

Category: Feedback

I am very satisfied with ActivTrak.  A fellow member of an association of which I am a member recommended your software as something I should try.  I wanted to see what a couple of my employees were doing with their computers during the day.  It was very interesting and informative.  Using the software just a few days provided enough documentation to show one of the two employees wasting significant time of which cost me a lot of money.  We continue to monitor their use after counseling.  There has been improvement.

Mark – Customer Since July 2013

Jun 4 2013

Great tool to ensure productivity!

Category: Feedback

ActivTrak is great!  I like the fact that I can log into this anywhere that has an internet connection to monitor computer usage at the office.  It gives our office manager everything she needs to know as far as who is using the internet for what and for how long.  It will be a great tool to ensure productivity.

Jennifer – Customer Since May 2013