Anton Seidler

Anton is the co-founder of ActivTrak. He has a passion for building software that helps businesses grow, and this is seen in his past work with similar companies to ActivTrak.

"How Technology Helps" is in white, "Managers Make Informed Decisions" is in blue. To the left are several business symbols.

How Technology Can Help Managers Make Informed Decisions

So how do you strike a balance between ensuring employee productivity and positive encouragement? Many organizations turn to ActivTrak to monitor computer usage, which can give managers a page-by-page view of an employee’s screen.

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Webinar—ActivTrak Product Demo

If you’re just getting started with productivity optimization and find all the tools, settings, and reports overwhelming, this session is for you.

New feature, website blocking.

Increase Productivity with Website Blocking

Website Blocking is an outstanding and an easy-to-use feature of ActivTrak that helps you quickly block suspicious, harmful, useless, and time-wasting websites on an individual computer or in a workgroup.

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