June 01, 2009

ActivTrak Released!

ActivTrak Logo - Team Behavior Analytics Software

The Birch Grove Software team wants to thank all our valued Screen Pass customers for supporting us this year. Today we are proud to announce our newest product called ActivTrak—the free employee monitoring software for PC, Mac and Chrome.

We designed ActivTrak after talking to many managers and business owners like us who desire to improve employee performance management.

ActivTrak is short for Activity Tracker and our software doesn’t just passively track the internet and application usage of on-site and off-site employees, it identifies and blocks malicious and unproductive websites and improves team efficiency, engagement, productivity and performance.

With ActivTrak you can…

  • Track application use in real time
  • Capture screenshots
  • Monitor multiple user sessions from a single screen
  • Compile total usage statistics for applications or websites
  • Display remote screen images
  • Use advanced filtering
  • Set alarms to notify you of unusual user activity
  • Record idle time, independent of screensaver activity
  • Send messages or open chat sessions with users

ActivTrak is completely free to download and use.

Click here to try it.

A free account never expires and you will get up to 3GB of storage and the ActivTrak Tracking Agent for three users.

If you need to monitor more than three users, we have a simple pricing structure based on the number of users the Agent will monitor.

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Your ActivTrak purchase comes with free person-to-person U.S.-based tech support.

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