August 10, 2012

Absolutely Amazed by ActivTrak


I must confess, that I am absolutely amazed by ActivTrak. It has everything one looks forward in such an application:

  • Very intuitive and crisp user interface
  • Information to optimum level of details; not too much (which creates clutter) and not too little (which is insufficient for any analysis)
  • Completely invisible to employees
  • No performance degradation on employee machines
  • Ability for me to track from anywhere, anytime

I sincerely congratulate and thank you for such a wonderful application!!

As of now, I am a small-sized organization, with only three employees to track, but can assure you that I will make sure this application sits on all my employees’ computers. In the near future, you can expect me to move to a paid subscription as soon as my team size increases to more than three. I am already looking to hire two more staff.

Wish you all the success!

Best Regards,
Vikas Jain

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