ActivTrak for
Insider Threat Detection

Configure conditional alarms, monitor application and web usage, and review summarized reports to investigate user behavior.

When it comes to cyber-security, resources are often focused on safeguarding an organization’s network against external cyber-attacks. Experience has shown that you can’t always anticipate and prevent an attack from an external source. When all eyes and ears are focused on what’s happening outside your digital infrastructure, the safety and security of the internal network are at risk. ActivTrak’s approach to user behavior analytics incorporates a toolset indispensable to organizations in need of a powerful, automated solution for insider threat detection.

Our agent discretely gathers insightful user data and automatically triggers responses to behaviors classified as risky. With minimal setup, the agent begins running in the background of each tracked machine. As it runs, a stream of behavioral data is sent to the ActivTrak dashboard. Admins use this dashboard to configure conditional alarms, monitor application and web usage in real-time, and review summarized reports to investigate user behavior.

ActivTrak is a low-maintenance user behavior analytics software that just works. It’s continuously tracking and reacting for you, freeing you up to focus on managing other areas of your IT systems.

Automated Security Alerts and Reactions

It only takes seconds for a security breach to occur. The longer a threat goes unnoticed, the more damaging it becomes to your organization. You not only need instant notifications of insider threats, but it’s also critical to react as quickly as possible. ActivTrak Alarms watch out for and respond to user behavior you consider suspicious.

  • Receive email alerts when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Terminate prohibited applications when accessed by a user.
  • Notify the user that their actions are potentially harmful.
  • Create custom integrations using simple JSON webhooks.

Identify and Assess Potentially Harmful User Activities

Review reports and screen captures to locate suspicious application usage, website history, and USB activity.

  • Inspect users’ screen activity captured in screenshots and video recordings.
  • Automatically flag screenshots containing unsafe content.
  • Quickly sort through comprehensive activity and alarm logs to zero in on potentially harmful activity.
  • Consult the Risk Level Report to see which users exhibit high-risk behavior and which suspicious activities occur more frequently.

Utilize Reporting to Find Trends in User Behavior

Traditional threat detection focuses alerting primarily on IP addresses and indicators of compromise, making it difficult to retrace the user activity that triggered the alert. Without
additional context, every alert requires time-consuming validation and deeper investigation. ActivTrak gives you instant insight into what actions led to compromised systems and breaches.

  • See trends over time with pre-configured productivity reports.
  • Identify anomalous behavior instantly using the intuitive dashboard.
  • Spot sudden changes in user schedule and idle time, providing additional context to abnormal usage patterns.

Set Up Insider Threat Detection Effortlessly

The setup process is simple, takes minutes to deploy, and requires no adjustments to your network.

  • Choose from multiple deployment options to install the agent locally, remotely, or via Active Directory group policies.
  • User behavioral data becomes available on the dashboard within moments of installation.
  • Immediately get the insight you’re looking for with our out-of-the-box settings.

Supporting Evidence Archive

Use ActivTrak to investigate security breaches and come to a confident conclusion about what happened, when it happened, and who was responsible.

  • Download all reports, screenshots, and videos to your own storage solution.
  • Access data as far back in time as far as you need with unlimited data storage.
  • Integrate ActivTrak’s raw data with your existing security tools.

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