Screenshot Redaction

What is ActivTrak Screenshot Redaction?

ActivTrak’s screenshot redaction allows administrators to not only prevent sensitive data from leaving your office but also to keep sensitive information captured by ActivTrak safe from prying eyes.

Screenshot Redaction:
ActivTrak employs an add-on image redaction feature to keep sensitive data captured by your account safe from anyone that may have access to your screenshots. ActivTrak will automatically detect and redact more than 40 standard pieces of information found in more than 15 countries, which includes the following:


Here is a list of the items ActivTrak Screenshot Redaction will redact:

  • American Bankers CUSIP ID
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • IBAN Code
  • IP Address
  • Phone Number
  • SWIFT Code
  • US Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number
  • US Bank Routing MICR
  • US DEA Number
  • US Drivers License Number
  • US Employer Identification Number
  • US Healthcare NPI
  • US Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • US Passport
  • US Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number
  • US Social Security Number
Why do I need Screenshot redaction?
  • Protect Customer Information
  • Protect Employee Information
  • Ensure HIPAA Compliance
  • Ensure COPPA Compliance
  • Protect Access Information
  • Protect Intellectual Property

ActivTrak screenshot redaction is a key piece in the overall tool-set that we’ve created to ensure sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. We call this toolset our DLP offering.

Our DLP offering is currently made up of the following pieces with more on the way:

1. USB Detection
2. File Transfer Detection
3. Complete Activity Log
4. Screenshot Image Redaction
5. Custom Alarms

USB Detection:
The ActivTrak Agent will sense when a USB is inserted, removed, and when files are being copied. This allows ActivTrak users to set alarms and capture screenshots based on the system event recorded.

File Transfer Detection:
Know when files are being transferred by creating a screenshot setting that can capture continuous screenshots throughout the transfer of any files.

Custom Alarms
Once you begin using ActivTrak, you’ll notice some people that appear to be moving through their workstation in a different manner than others. By this we mean, you’ll notice a not-so-friendly website, maybe someone is accessing files they shouldn’t or anything else you deem suspicious.

Complete Activity Log:
See who has done what within your ActivTrak account. Our Audit Log will show you every change to your account, and who was responsible for it.

Using alarms, you can target and track insider threats with ease, and terminate any activity within 20 seconds of opening the program or file.

ActivTrak Screenshot Redaction is an add-on service. If you’re interested in adding Screenshot Redaction to your account, contact your customer success manager today.

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