Your ActivTrak account gathers a significant amount of invaluable user behavior analytics and user activity data. We’ve built multiple analytical reports into both the ActivTrak web and mobile apps to help you glean valuable insights and increase team productivity. All reports contain powerful filters — some universal, some report-specific — to help you discover trends more quickly. Narrow down by date ranges, users, computers, productivity classification, and report-specific criteria.

As users work, any new website or application they access will appear in ActivTrak as “undefined.” Each account maintains control over how they classify activities — either productive or unproductive.

Measure and Analyze Productivity

Measure and Analyze Productivity

Assess the quantity and quality of your organization’s work and establish an operating baseline using the Productivity report. Discover and compare the total amount of time spent on productive and unproductive activities for each day, week, month, and year. Highlight recurring periods of idle time. Analyze productivity levels company-wide, or break down productivity by user in the single day report. Use adjustable time intervals to analyze for a new perspective on productivity throughout the course of a day.

Key Usage Insights Ranked

Key Usage Insights Ranked

Compare website and application usage with one of the most revealing methods: rankings charts. The Top Websites and Top Applications reports display all accessed apps and sites within a designated time period. Use the reports to analyze the following:

  • Most visited websites by user
  • Resource utilization
  • Total time spent on webpages and applications
  • Application usage volume per hour
  • Website history for pages and subpages

Consult the Top Categories report to aggregate app and website data categorically. Create descriptive categories to discover which types of activities occur more often than others. Do users spend more time on email and instant messaging than high-value sales activities? Select a category to see which websites and applications have been accessed in that category and for how long.

Manage and Gamify Team Performance

Manage and Gamify Team Productivity

Get an overview of individual user and group activity. By default, the Top Users report ranks users by total usage. Sort the report by User, Productive Time, Unproductive Time, Undefined Activity, Total Usage, and Idle Time to compare individual performances. Create groups of users to reflect the departments in your organization. Use the Top Groups view as a leaderboard to encourage competition between groups.

Comprehensive, Unbiased Data

Comprehensive, Unbiased User Activity Data

Access the Activity Log to see every piece of data ActivTrak collects. The Activity Log records every change in the active window title-bar from the monitored machine. Create a custom-tailored view by adding or hiding columns like Public IP, Logon Domain, and Popup Alarm activity. Sort through the extensive log quickly with powerful filters. Analyze workflows by following the displayed chain of events. Investigate exactly what happened at any given time with evidence. Access screenshots from each log without having to navigate to a separate section of the app.

Review Suspicious Activity

Review Suspicious Activity

Explore the Risk Level Report to assess risks within your organization. Configurable in each alarm, risk scores are values representing the level of risk associated with certain activities. View risk scores by Alarm to understand which actions have accumulated the most risk points within the entire team. Identify individuals who exhibit the riskiest behavior by sorting the report by user. Investigate further by clicking the alarm history button, or edit the alarm using the edit button.

Consult the Alarm Log

Consult the Alarm Log to examine every single triggered alarm. Each entry contains all the data necessary to understand questionable events and discern their threat level. Zero in on specific actions or users by utilizing the same powerful filters found in the Activity Log. Sort the report by alarm reaction to locate user actions that triggered screenshots, email notifications, webhooks, application termination, pop-up messages, and video recordings.

Data Unchained

Raw User Behavior Analytics and User Activity Data

Take your analysis beyond the ActivTrak app. Export reports in CSV format to Google Sheets or download them directly to your computer.

Access all of the data that makes ActivTrak tick by unlocking Raw Data Access. Run your own queries, combine external data sources, and create custom reports using your favorite BI tools. Raw data access gives you every action, log, user, and value all in one table accessible in simple SQL Console.

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