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ActivTrak provides the following reports:


Productivity Reports are a great place to start your research into what activities are wasting time.

Productivity Reports give managers an at-a-glance picture of activities on their monitored devices through any given time span by taking a data ‘snapshot’ every five minutes (or any interval you set), categorizing the activity as productive or unproductive, then laying out this information color-coded on an easy to read the timeline. This timeline is created from summarized user activity recorded by the agent. Each time slot represents an average of the productive use of that time, allowing administrators to visually identify productive time periods.

Clients use productivity reports to figure out when employees were being unproductive by selecting an unproductive area of the report, getting the timestamp, then searching the activity and alarm log to understand what exactly was happening during that unproductive period.

All reports can be filtered by date/time and/or user/group, and allow the administrators to re-organize the order in which data is presented.

Resource Usage Report

While sifting through your Top Applications and Top Websites reports, you have the ability to drill down into the specific website or application and view which user used which application, when they used it, and for how long.

You’ll notice this is a much more visual representation of your data, with different colors indicating more or less time spent in the program, and when you hover over a block of time you’ll see more details such as the exact amount of time spent in the application.

Top Websites/Top Applications

These are two separate reports (one displays application-specific usage data, one provides website-specific usage data), but their functionality is essentially the same.

Each report gives the total time of overall website and application usage, then productive, unproductive, and idle timestamps of your device usage in the top section labeled Quick Stats.

Below Quick Stats, you’ll find the actual website or application report. This report analyzes all of the usage on your computer (every site, every application, every action in each), then lists it by most time spent with what category (productive or unproductive) the activity falls under, how much time was spent, and what percentage of your total time that activity represents.

Top Websites is great for finding out where your team is spending most of their time online, and what is contributing to your productivity changes.

Top Applications can be used for many things including software metering. The report makes it easy for administrators to find out who’s using what software, how they’re using it, and how you as a decision maker can adjust your software license count, plan for future purchases, or offer a more efficient method for accomplishing tasks within an application.

Top Categories

Top Categories is where you’ll go to see what type of activities are wasting your employees’ time and driving down productivity.

Top Categories shows administrators which category of activity (Social Networking, Email, Entertainment, etc…) your monitored devices are taking part in the most, the total time used for that activity, and what percentage of total time the category occupied. Furthermore, ActivTrak provides a detailed breakdown of each website used to contribute to that category, and how long the device was on that website or application.

Categories have been used in the past to re-write, and tailor internet usage policies to prohibit activity categories that don’t yield any productive results. Additionally, this report can tell you which area of distraction (social networking, email, entertainment, etc…) to identify as the largest, so you can address it directly with your device users.

Top Users

To get an overview of how users are generally using their monitored devices, head over to the Top Users report.

Each line in the report represents a device and shows time totals followed by a corresponding bar graph. The first graph (yellow & blue) represents the total monitored time (you specify the range) split between web and application usage. The second set of data shows total productive and unproductive (and undefined) times with a bar graph representing the time split in red and green. Total time breakdowns are provided to left of each bar graph.

This report is a great way to see how users are spending their time, as it provides a complete, clear picture of productive device usage by user. This report will help you identify your top productive team members so you may recognize and reward their efforts. Studies show this recognize and reward practice promotes productivity and improves both company culture and morale.

Activity Log/Alarm Log

Both the Activity and Alarm Logs, are similar in the fact that they both capture and present an itemized, chronological list of data from each device individually. The Activity Log documents literally everything that happens on a device including each alarm triggered, but if you’d like to see ONLY the triggered alarms, head over to the Alarm Log.

The reports capture and document every action reported by the ActivTrak Agent, giving you the ability to understand how the device user was working, what they were working on, and for how long.

The Activity Log documents every time the device switches activities and provides the following data about each activity: whether or not a screenshot was taken, date/time spent, device, IP address, login domain, user, duration, titlebar, executable (action activated by the device), description (title of the open application), and URL if applicable. Each alarm documented in the Activity Log is also stored chronologically in the Alarm Log without any other events.

These reports also employ a powerful filtering feature that allows administrators to search by titlebar, executable, description or URL to find exactly what’s needed when it’s needed.

This report effectively gives you the trail of breadcrumbs left by the device user. Some clients like to browse through their Productivity Reports, then search to the unproductive time slots in the Activity Log to find out exactly what was going on during that time period.

Furthermore, this report can fit your unique needs, as each report, filtered or unfiltered, can be exported, and edited with any popular spreadsheet editing software.


Activtrak’s powerful filtering is available at every level of ActivTrak, allowing you filter by Groups, Users, or Devices.

Some reports, such as the Activity Log, and Top Categories allow you to filter by data fields, such as titlebar, executable, URL, description, and more.

Filtering is particularly useful if you have multiple groups created or multiple users on each device. The ActivTrak Agent creates an activity log by each device name and username, giving you the ability to separate data for viewing purposes using filtering.

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