How Does It Work?

How does ActivTrak Work?

ActivTrak is one of the most comprehensive software tools available for monitoring employees’ online activities to ensure greater productivity and safety. This free, cloud-based monitoring software will track your workers’ application and web usage and report directly back to your account. With ActivTrak, you can install the program on a single workstation, or all your workstations, and begin seeing statistical results in only a few minutes! This allows you to protect your employees, make sure everyone is on track, and have greater control in the workplace.

ActivTrak Agent

Unlike firewalls, which simply block certain websites, ActivTrak specifically gives you what websites are being viewed and what applications are being used as well as the amount of time users are spending on those sites and applications. You can see what’s happening on the desktop of each workstation. If one of your employees is using company time to watch home movies, you will be able to track them and advise them of correct company policy.

ActivTrak Agent Download
Every ActivTrak Agent is unique in that it contains a specialized code assigned to one particular account. This means that you don’t have to enter login/password information or make any additional settings. You can download an agent from your personal ActivTrak dashboard. It will keep information about where it should report and will only allow data back to your account.

  1. Download the Agent by clicking the “Download ActivTrak Agent” button shown above.
  2. Install it on the workstation(s) you would like to monitor
  3. Within 2-3 minutes you will begins seeing data on your dashboard.

It’s that simple. There is no guesswork involved.

Productivity Reports

In the reports section, everything is right there in front of you and clearly displayed so that you don’t need to spend time sifting through multiple screens and confusing graphics. Whether you’re monitoring one workstation, or a hundred, you’ll be able to get in, see what you’re looking for, and get out.

Screen Shots Stored in Cloud

With the screenshots tab you’ll be able to easily see screen images from each of your monitored workstations stored directly in the cloud for simple reference. You can also set rules for taking snapshots by defining alarms. Set the alarms to notify you of application use on remote workstations and have those alarm notifications sent to you automatically through pop-up message, email, or termination of the user application or any combination of these.

Unusual Behavior Detection

ActivTrak will actually use alerts to monitor unusual behavior so that violators will be notified to return back to normal working activity. Although certain non-work related activity can be expected, ActivTrak helps you prohibit activity that could cause legal issues for the company.


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