The Dashboard

The ActivTrak dashboard displays summaries of the extensive and more detailed reports available in other areas of the app. If you just want a quick snapshot of your organization from time to time, the dashboard is the place to go. This is also the location where you’ll download your account’s agent file.

Filter the dashboard’s data to display only the information you need. By default, the dashboard shows reports for Today and All Users, but you can zero in on insights from custom time periods and specific users and computers.

10-Second Insights

For a lightning-fast look at the team’s performance, consult the Quick Stats window. Take a glance at the total time spent on websites and applications, categorized by productive time, unproductive time, and time not yet assigned a productivity value. For an as-it-happens glimpse, check out the Real-time panel. Think of it as your current conditions report. It contains a live feed of activity and inactivity on tracked machines.

Productivity Insights

Check the dashboard Productivity chart to tell you how much productive, unproductive, and idle time was recorded. Compare and discover trends by displaying the data for one day, weeks, months, and years. View productivity data by users and identify the star performers on your team with the Top Users chart. Sort the chart to highlight both the top productive users and the top unproductive users.


Navigate through the most recent screenshots per user or for the whole team. The recent screenshots section contains images of users’ screens accompanied by date and time stamps. Accounts with Screenshot Redaction and Screenshot Flagging benefit from those features here just as they would on the screenshot page.

Bite-sized Business Intelligence

The Top Applications and Top Sites windows indicate how the team spends its time. A pie chart displays the usage percentage for each application and website. Alternate views break down the percentages of app and website usage by productive and unproductive categories.

Understand what types of applications and websites employees use most with the Top Categories window. You may discover too much time is being spent on entertainment websites and not enough time on work relevant tools. To keep this report current, refer to the Pending Categorization panel.

It notifies you of applications and websites users have recently visited and need to be categorized. Quickly assign categories and productivity classifications to websites and applications from this window.

Organize your various departments and teams into custom groups. Compare productivity levels across the team in the Top Groups panel. Use this information to gamify productivity and reward the most productive groups for their good work.

Red Flag Behavior

Identify the users in your organization with the riskiest behaviors in the Alarm Risk Scores panel. Scroll over each bar you can get a look into why certain users are being flagged as being risky and how serious the problem is. Alternatively, change the view to display which risky activities occur more frequently within the organization.

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