ActivTrak for Remote Workforce Management

Real-time dashboards, high resolution screenshots, productivity and top user reports, simplify remote workforce optimization.

ActivTrak’s cloud-based user activity monitoring and reporting helps solve problems often created by working remotely.  Our tracking agent can be installed remotely on any number of remote machines and begins reporting data in minutes. No hardware or internal networks are needed.

Other challenges of remote workforce management are overcome with ActivTrak’s award-winning employee monitoring metric and user behavior analytics. Performance management, productivity, accountability, and accurate time tracking are all achievable with the insights delivered by ActivTrak.

It’s natural to have concerns about how time is spent when employees are out of sight. Since the agent is continuously running in the background of users’ computers, every action is recorded and uploaded to the ActivTrak Dashboard.

The usefulness of ActivTrak goes beyond just performance management. Establish a policy, measure its effectiveness, and make the changes necessary for on-going improvement of your remote workforce.

Improve Individual Performance and Team Engagement

Managers of remote employees face some of the same challenges as they would if their team were in the same office. The difference is the perceived difficulty of managing a person that you don’t see face-to-face everyday. Managers benefit from ActivTrak wherever their employees work.

  • Measure productivity at the individual, group, or organizational level. See who your Top Users are and who may need more direction.
  • Compare job performance trends over large periods of time.
  • Prevent access to distracting websites and shut down unapproved applications.
  • Use risk scores to get a sense of which users are on their way to becoming disengaged.
  • Recognize achievements with pop-up messages to the user.

Long Distance Accountability

ActivTrak makes it possible to supervise any number of employees regardless of their location.

  • Review screenshots and video recordings for instances of computer misuse.
  • Receive notifications when an employee deviates from standard operating procedure.
  • Hone in on periods of idle time to document how often an employee is away from their computer.
  • Complete your department check-ins via realtime behavioral data and real-time screenshots.
  • Configure ActivTrak to flag unsafe screenshots of users’ activities for your review.

Measure & Enhance Policy Effectiveness

Even the most seasoned remote workforce managers need to review and update their telecommuting policies. As important as it is to outline the expectations of remote workers, it’s
even more important to ensure their success. Make informed decisions with ActivTrak’s unbiased, reliable data.

  • Discover the effects your employee guidelines have on productivity.
  • Find correlations between efficiency and assigned work hours.
  • Compare productivity levels based on geo-location. Is your remote team more effective from home, the coffeehouse, or at the library?
  • Determine which company used apps and websites are restricting workflows.

Untethered Management

The beauty of remote management is that you have no geographical restrictions on talent. ActivTrak’s cloud-based structure means that your employees can work anywhere they have an internet connection.

  • Use the Remote Agent Installer or send employees their unique ActivTrak Agent file.
  • Assign Schedules to track computers only during designated work hours.
  • If an employee shares a computer with friends or family, place the non-employees on the Do Not Track list.
  • Access the functionality of ActivTrak away from your desk with the ActivTrak Mobile App, available in iOS and Android.

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