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Operational Efficiency and Productivity Tracking

Many businesses are held back by a number of disruptions. Threats like inefficient workflows, seasonal distractions, meetings, and team makeup are difficult to identify and address without the right information. Data from ActivTrak’s  productivity tracker can uncover these issues and serve as an ongoing productivity measurement tool.

Improving efficiency or productivity requires an understanding of how the organization operates. ActivTrak’s productivity monitoring is designed to help teams get the clearest picture of how work is done. Because the discrete Tracking Agent has no “Start Tracking” option visible to the user, data gathered from tracked computers is comprehensive and unbiased. It’s the type of data required to establish an extensive and authentic baseline.

Several informative reports provide quantifiable metrics that reflect the health of the organization, including application usage, user performance, productivity levels, real-time website usage, and our comprehensive activity log. Use this data to identify unproductive employees, inefficient workflows, and gaps of activity.

Successful businesses evaluate their operating procedures consistently. In doing so, they’re able to refine processes, test new strategies and make improvements.

With ActivTrak, you’ll have the metrics needed to craft the perfect strategy to enhance your team’s productivity and your organization’s efficiency.

Measure Productivity

Start the process of improving productivity by measuring it first. With ActivTrak, begin by assigning “Productive” or “Unproductive” labels to logged activities. These productivity values are given a standard set of colors that are visible on all reports and screenshots. Green activity is productive, red is unproductive, and yellow means the user is idle. Grey activities have not yet been assigned a productivity value. No matter where you are in the app, determining productivity levels is easy.

  • View productivity data on an individual, group, or organizational basis.
  • Learn when employees take their brain breaks and when they’re off task.
  • Compare trends over time to discover inconsistencies in productivity.
  • Know when the team as a whole becomes less productive and investigate why.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set usage limits.

Discover Productivity Coaching Opportunities

Employee productivity is something that can always be improved upon. With the right insights, managers can identify employees who are underperforming and why. ActivTrak can be used to find and coach less-productive workers before they become disengaged.

  • Use Activity Logs and Screenshots to understand employee workflows and where time can be better allocated.
  • Consult the Top Users report to discover who is the most and least productive.
  • Set goals, test strategies, review the results and reduce wasted time based on your research.
  • Receive notifications when employees deviate from agreed-upon policies.
  • Gamify operations and encourage friendly competition with a Top Groups leaderboard.

Develop an Environment that Fosters Productivity

If taken too far, buckling down on productivity can actually have an adverse effect. It’s important to encourage breaks and healthy work habits, along with room for “fun time” while on the clock. Breaks, time off, and personal usage of company machines can be managed and monitored on the ActivTrak dashboard.

  • Allow some unproductive activities, but place time limits and set up automated responses to trigger when the time is used up.
  • Remind users to take breaks after working for long periods of time via pop-up messages.
  • With complete accountability, let employees have more autonomy and take ownership of their productivity.
  • Fight app overload by determining which apps are necessary to operations and which can be eliminated.

Unrestricted Productivity Data Access

ActivTrak gathers a lot of data and displays it in easy-to-read reports located in the dashboard. If you want to take your analysis beyond what’s provided in the app, you have that freedom.

  • Export ActivTrak reports to Google Drive or another storage solution.
  • Access the raw data and join it with your other utilities to create your own custom reports.
  • Compare activity to outside factors like weather, a new office location, or the start of a new sports season.
  • Determine the impact meetings have on productivity in the office.
  • Find out if multitasking works or is actually doing more harm than good.
  • Test changes to the work environment and monitor the results. Does the layout of the office impact productivity? Will separating talkative coworkers result in more or less output? What happens when the thermostat is adjusted?

Identify Inefficient Workflows

Today’s business operations seek to be as efficient as possible. Streamlined workflows and reduced downtime increase productivity and even boost morale.

  • Compare workflows of the top five percent of each team and coach the bottom five percent to match the more efficient workflows.
  • Evaluate the steps an employee takes to complete a task in real time.
  • Filter usage reports by application to identify opportunities to improve efficiency for each app.
  • Measure all computer activities and determine an average amount of time individual tasks should be taking.
  • Weigh the effectiveness of new operating procedures and how they affect productivity.
  • Identify bottlenecks and steps that are unnecessary for completing the task at hand.

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