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As an employee monitoring solution, ActivTrak gives organizations an overall picture of how work gets done in and out of the office. All sorts of data make up this image, including which applications get the most use, the amount of time spent on unproductive tasks, and what time of day each employee is most productive.

ActivTrak obtains this information unobtrusively through the use of a discrete tracking agent. After a quick installation on the computers to be monitored, data becomes available within minutes.

The agent runs continuously in the background of users’ computers, tracking the “active” window. There’s no “Start” button. Every action is captured along with important supporting details. A clean, unbiased dataset contains information like application name, duration, date/time, productivity classification, and URL. High resolution screenshots and video recordings add even more context surrounding a user’s actions.

To achieve success, supervisors must understand and manage an organization’s most valuable asset: its employees! With ActivTrak you can easily:

  • Generate insightful reports and trends for employee performance.
  • Discover who on your team is disengaged or headed that way.
  • Identify where team members need extra training or coaching.
  • Measure productivity and analyze behavior from anywhere. Limit tracking to business hours or other custom schedules.
  • Restrict access to applications and websites.

A Comprehensive Representation of Employee Behaviors

A number of insightful reports and screen captures work together to provide an accurate picture of each employee’s performance. Make informed management decisions and eliminate uncertainty about suspected behavior.

  • The Activity Log displays a detailed account of every website and application activity.
  • Sort through the extensive data with powerful filters.
  • Capture still images and video recordings of user activity.
  • Flag questionable content captured in screen images using Screenshot Flagging.
  • Identify sub-standard productivity levels.

Team Behavior Monitoring and Automated Reactions

Put your policy enforcement on autopilot. Use custom alarms to set notifications when unwanted activity happens, document the activity, and react to it without lifting a finger. Alarms search for a number of key data fields like computer names, activity duration, URL, and title bar. Once an ActivTrak alarm is created, the agent reacts when a user’s action meets predefined criteria. Take action on the events noteworthy to your policies.

  • Monitor USB activity and configure automated responses when a drive is inserted, written to, or both.
  • Record the events surrounding a file download.
  • Shut down an unapproved application.
  • Remind an employee of their social media time limit with a pop-up message.

Measure Productivity and Identify Disengagement

Just because one website is considered unproductive for one organization, doesn’t mean the same is true for another.

  • Label individual websites and applications as “productive” or “unproductive.”
  • User Risk Scores help you understand which users within your organization are more likely to become disengaged.
  • Compare individual performances across the team with the Top Users report.

Analyze Behavior from Anywhere in Real-Time

The cloud-based nature of ActivTrak means you can check in on your team any time, anywhere. You aren’t tied down to a single computer or network. In fact, you don’t even need a computer. The ActivTrak Mobile App displays the same real-time information as the web-based desktop app.

  • Real-Time reports display details about actions as employees perform them.
  • View key points of interest as they update to reflect the current employee behavior.
  • Watch a visual feed of what a user sees on their screen with live thumbnails and screenshots.
  • Monitor several screens at a time in with built-in thumbnail view.

Prevent Access to Websites and Applications

ActivTrak’s website blocking feature is flexible enough to block websites from individual users, groups, or everyone at once.

  • Maintain a custom list of prohibited websites.
  • By sorting users into groups, block sites from one department and leave them accessible for another.
  • Restrict application usage with the Terminate Application alarm reaction. Configure an alarm to watch for the prohibited application and then terminate it upon access.

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