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the challenge

How to Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance

Organizations collect more data than ever before which comes with the necessary responsibility of how this information is stored, shared, protected and used. If private data is unethically misused or carelessly protected, it brings a whole host of concerns to an organization including bad press, fines and damage to their reputation and brand.

Data privacy and compliance reporting have become a critical part of managing a business. Today organizations must ensure that private data collected - including company data, customer data and employee data – meets the stringent data compliance regulations outlined by GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, POPI, LGPD, COPPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX and more. There are a number of challenges to balancing data privacy and compliance reporting without sacrificing employee productivity including:

  • Managing legal issues and differing regulations across geographies.
  • Ensuring data collected adheres to security and compliance policies.
  • Identifying employee improper handling and safeguarding of data.
  • Protecting employee data privacy to ensure it is not violated.
  • Mitigating breach potential from outsourced &/or remote employees.

Tools to automate workflows and manage and monitor data flow through a user activity log all have key roles to play in managing data privacy, compliance reporting and risk.

the solution

ActivTrak – Visibility into User Activity to Ensure Data Privacy & Compliance

ActivTrak offers detailed contextual user activity logging that documents the handling of sensitive customer data. This cloud-based application, allows you to quickly gain immediate visibility into user activities via a user activity log to ensure you stay within compliance. If a breach occurs, find out where, when, and by whom to quickly address the gap.


  • Identify patterns of mishandling PII data and make adjustments.
  • Use data insights to quickly detect and review high risk activities.
  • Uncover compliance and security gaps from offsite access.
  • Remove wasteful practices and distracting environments.
  • Ensure employee privacy with data collected.
  • Analyze user activity and behavior to discover anomalies.
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how does it work?

How Can ActivTrak Help Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance

Uncover Compliance and Security Gaps from Offsite Access

Discover certain behaviors of remote workers that could be considered risky to compliance reporting &/or security policies to take quick corrective action.

  • Secure sensitive information from being shared using screenshot redaction.
  • Flag screen content that introduces compliance vulnerabilities.
  • Prevent access to distracting websites and terminate unapproved applications.
  • Review screenshots and video recordings for instances of compliance issues.
  • Receive notifications when an employee deviates from standard operating procedure.
  • Configure flags of unsafe screenshots from users’ activities for your review.
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Ensure Employee Privacy & Create a Culture of Trust

Keep personally identifiable information (PII) private, secure sensitive information from being captured, and ensure legal and ethical compliance with employee information.

  • Redact employee and customer private information such as social security numbers, DOB, phone numbers and more.
  • Respect privacy by setting user tracking schedules based on employee work hours.
  • Share compliance breach analysis findings with employees to use as coaching opportunities.
  • Use data insights to fix poor processes and compliance gaps and instill a routine of transparency.
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Reduce Risk, Enforce Compliance Reporting Policies, and Conduct Forensic Investigations

It’s important to understand typical employee work patterns. Having a clear picture of what is routine and what is anomalous can help uncover potentially noncompliant and risky activities even if unintentional.

  • Analyze user risk scores to uncover user behavior most likely to violate data compliance policies.
  • Enforce policies with reminder notifications to users when actions are potentially non-compliant.
  • Automatically block or terminate applications you define as potential for malware.
  • Set alarms to get notifications in Slack, MS Teams or other messaging channels when risky activities are detected.
  • Record video evidence of sensitive files copied to USB or cloud storage devices.
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Quickly and Efficiently Respond to Data Compliance Reporting Audits

Auditors expect to see proof of strong data compliance practices, making detailed compliance reports a must-have for today’s businesses.

  • Review comprehensive activity and alarm logs for data breach incidents and at-risk data privacy policies.
  • Generate activity logs so auditors can see how your team is treating sensitive data.
  • Download all reports, screenshots, and videos to your own storage solution for an onsite audit trail.
  • Detailed user activity logs provide the data required to meet compliance reporting mandates.
  • Access data as far back in time as needed with unlimited data storage.
  • Query and correlate behavioral data with other security source data for analysis and compliance reporting.
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