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Earn a commission on every paid account you refer!

What is This? Who can Join?

The ActivTrak Affiliate Program is for publishers and bloggers that would like to promote ActivTrak on their domains. Our affiliate program allows publishers to earn commissions from traffic that drives paid accounts. If you’re a reseller, MSP, or MSSP we have a great partner program that you can inquire about here.

Here’s how to join ActivTrak's Affiliate Program:

  1. Register as a publisher on CJ affiliates here.

  2. Once registered and accepted, you may apply for our affiliate program here.

  3. We review all applications, and notify publishers of program status through the CJ Portal.

  4. After acceptance, get links, download content, and start promoting ActivTrak!

Once you’re accepted to the ActivTrak Affiliate Program, you’ll be able to place links on your owned assets, and begin automatically earning commissions from referring ActivTrak!

How Much Can You Earn?

When someone you refer purchases a paid subscription to ActivTrak, you get a percentage of their payment as long as the customer continues to pay for their account for at least 30 days.

For more detailed information, please review our prgram terms here.

How it Works

More Benefits

60-day cookies

Don’t stress, you have 60 days for your clients to upgrade. The affiliate cookie persists for 60 days after clicking your referral link.

Guidance & Tips

Our expert sales team provides guidance, training webinars, insider tips, and, additional resources to helps you sell ActivTrak faster.

Rewards & Incentives

Want to sell more? Top performers benefit from increased commissions, faster time to max payout, and exclusive promotions.

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Start making more revenue today by helping your audience find ActivTrak.

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