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Capture User Screens

Screenshots give administrators clear images of user activity on machines running the ActivTrak Agent. With visual records like images and videos, it's easy to see what happened when, and the process of solving many different problems becomes a little bit easier.

Computer pop-up alert on remote laptop

Remote Troubleshooting

When you can't be present to find out what went wrong on a user's machine, refer to the screenshots taken to determine what a user was doing prior to the discovery of an issue. See essential details like how many tabs or windows were open, what applications were running in the background, or what error messages popped up. The user interface makes sorting through screenshots easy and efficient, whether you are viewing on desktop, mobile, or the ActivTrak mobile app.

Screenshot of torrent download captured by ActivTrak

High-Res Evidence

Screenshots are taken at the resolution of the user's screen. The level of detail clarifies suspicious activities, providing the visual evidence administrators need in the event of an investigation. Discover inappropriate computer usage more quickly by adding Screenshot Flagging.

ActivTrak Screenshot example on a laptop

Automated Visual Backup

If a program crashes or a computer loses power, it's easy to lose hours of progress if you didn't save your work. Review screenshots to retrace your steps so you can replicate your process without having to remember every action you took or word you wrote.

How to customize your screenshots

Complete Customization

Capture Screenshots of every users' activities, or only specific activities from a handful of users. Taking a screenshot is an action available as part of an Alarm. You choose the predefined conditions you want to be matched and by which users. Control the frequency and number of images captured by telling an alarm to take one or multiple screenshots at custom intervals. You can even maintain your own digital black box by downloading screenshots in bulk to your own storage location.

3 users with their computers

Add-on Features

ActivTrak Screenshot with informaiton redacted.

Concerned about capturing sensitive data?

Add ActivTrak screenshot redaction. It’s a key piece in the overall tool-set that we’ve created to ensure sensitive information remains private and does not fall into the wrong hands. ActivTrak will automatically detect and redact more than 40 standard pieces of information found in more than 15 countries. If you’re interested in adding Screenshot Redaction to your account, contact your customer success manager today.

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Screenshot of torrent download captured by ActivTrak

Find What You’re Looking for Fast

To get the clearest picture of all the activity on your machines, you’ll need a ton of images. When it comes to reviewing this activity, sometimes all you need to know is which activities need to be stopped.

Screenshot Flagging analyzes every screenshot to flag, label, and blur all content that fits the following categories: Adult, Violence, Medical. Once implemented, searching for unwanted content is as easy as adding a filter.

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