Oct 7 2013

Very interesting and informative

Category: Feedback

I am very satisfied with ActivTrak.  A fellow member of an association of which I am a member recommended your software as something I should try.  I wanted to see what a couple of my employees were doing with their computers during the day.  It was very interesting and informative.  Using the software just a few days provided enough documentation to show one of the two employees wasting significant time of which cost me a lot of money.  We continue to monitor their use after counseling.  There has been improvement.

Mark – Customer Since July 2013

Aug 5 2013

Feedback: Well worth it’s price

Category: Business Tips

We’re pretty pleased with ActivTrak, although we’re not very pleased with what we’ve seen our employees being paid to spend time on…  Which means, ActivTrak has been well worth it’s price.  Everyone told me tracking software was for big companies, not small offices…  I disagree!

David – Customer Since July 2013

Jul 18 2013

New Feature: Limit which data are visible to ActivTrak account users

We are excited to announce a new feature – ActivTrak User Management.

Every ActivTrak account has a limit on the number of workstations you can monitor. At the same time, you may have as many account users as you need. Account users are an organization’s team members who will view the ActivTrak Dashboard, build reports, get email alerts and change ActivTrak settings – they need individual access to your ActivTrak Account. (more…)

Jun 4 2013

Great tool to ensure productivity!

Category: Feedback

ActivTrak is great!  I like the fact that I can log into this anywhere that has an internet connection to monitor computer usage at the office.  It gives our office manager everything she needs to know as far as who is using the internet for what and for how long.  It will be a great tool to ensure productivity.

Jennifer – Customer Since May 2013

Feb 14 2013

Here’s What We Did This Month

Category: Business Tips

The newly released ActivTrak Agent v3.0.19 has some significant improvements over previous versions. Although the new Agent is available for download from the Dashboard in your online account, it is not necessary to take any action and your existing Agents will update automatically. (more…)

Jan 14 2013

I really like how quick and easy it is to install

Category: Feedback

As a matter of fact I am extremely pleased with your service. I had clicked an advertisement banner one day because I had noticed your company was claiming it was free and did everything you could really ask it to do. I immediately assumed there was a catch and was ready for some sort of shadyness to happen, but still decided to check it out and am very glad I did.

I really like how quick and easy it is to install. I also like the fact that it really seems to be stealth. I am a computer geek, and was able to actually see it was there when trying to see if it was truly stealth. I was able to see that ActivTrak had created a couple rules in the Windows Firewall settings (which most people really don’t ever look over those settings anyway). The only thing that was a bust was the name ActivTrak.

Anyway, I usually don’t bother to take time out of my day to write things like this, but would like to thank you and your company for your service. Very impressed, very satisfied.

Will – Customer Since December 2012

Oct 25 2012
Oct 24 2012

I was quite impressed with ActivTrak

Category: Feedback

ActivTrak served its purpose and confirmed our belief that a particular employee was spending a large amount of time playing rather than working.  I was quite impressed with ActivTrak and I will recommend it to other clients.  I have also considered setting up ActivTrak to help me track how I am spending my time and make better use of my time at the office.

Chirs – Customer Since October 2012



Oct 24 2012

Very good software. I’ll be sure to recommend.

Category: Feedback

We are using your monitoring system and it is working. It has taken our worst internet using employee and scared him straight, whereas he is paranoid to start with. It has made him productive for once.

In addition, we fired our bookkeeper where we had a general company meeting announcing that were installing monitoring software on all PC’s (of course we could only install on three with the free license, and actually only installed it on two machines, but she was one of them) and the very next business day she spent 45 minutes playing on eBay and Yahoo, all the while she was behind in her work. She thought that as a bookkeeper that she was above being monitored. So (sadly, I guess in her case) it works well. The quality screen shots drive it ahead of the competition.

We do not intend to micro-manage and will allow some free time for employees, but that instance was an “in your face” event that had to be reckoned with, as she is a higher price employee and waste costs more at that level.

Very good software. I’ll be sure to recommend. Take care.

Aug 10 2012

I am absolutely amazed by ActivTrak

Category: Feedback

I must confess, that I am absolutely amazed by ‘ActivTrak’; it has everything one looks forward in such an application:

  • Very intuitive and crisp user interface
  • Information to optimum level of details; not too much (which creates clutter) and not too little (which is insufficient for any analysis)
  • Completely invisible to employees
  • No performance degradation on employee machines
  • Ability for me to track from anywhere / anytime

I sincerely congratulate and thank you for such a wonderful application!!

As of now, I am a small sized organization, with only 3 employees to track; but can assure you that I will make sure this application sits on all my employees computers – so hopefully in near future you can expect me to move to paid subscription (as soon as my team size increases to more than 3; I am already looking to hire 2 more staff).

Wish you all the success!

Best Regards,
Vikas Jain