About Us

About Us:



Our Goal:

At ActivTrak, our goal is to provide you with the clearest possible picture of what’s happening at your workstations, without violating anyone’s privacy.

Our History:


Founded in 2012, ActivTrak is the product of Birch Grove Software, a self-funded software startup.
In just a few short years, ActivTrak accumulated more than 100,000 worldwide users helping thousands of companies, IT professionals, teachers and other organizations improve business, IT, and individual productivity.

Our Company:



Since its creation, ActivTrak has built a lean mean SaaS machine with a fully staffed team, based in Dallas, TX.
For the first few years of ActivTrak, we were a two-man team, but as we grew, and our company matured, our need for resources increased to the team we have now.
Our team consists of our development team in charge of all things code, our customer success team who handle any user sales or support inquiries, and a marketing deparment that ensures potential users have all the resources needed to find, purchase and start using ActivTrak.

Company Leadership:



Herb Axilrod – President & Co-founder, Birch Grove Software & ActivTrak


Before Birch Grove Software, Herb was the lead engineer at Saber Software Corporation. Herb holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Princeton University and a Master of Science (MS), Geophysics and Seismology from The University of Texas at Dallas.


Anton Seidler – CMO & Co-founder, ActivTrak


Before ActivTrak, Anton was the Chief Marketing Officer of Softrust, and CEO of Motiw, a leading online Russian Task Manager. Anton holds a degree in both software and economics from Belgorod State Technological University.


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