Which Reseller Option is right for me?

Which Reseller Option is right for me?

ActivTrak knows that IT professionals add a great deal of value when they introduce ActivTrak to their customers. We offer two options for reselling ActivTrak, read below to figure out which option is best for you.

Resellers.activtrak.com allows you to purchase ActivTrak at a discount on behalf of your client. You will then bill your client the retail rate. This system allows for repeat commissions (discount purchases) that don’t expire. This option also makes it easy for you to view invoices for multiple clients and manage their accounts. Resellers.activtrak.com works best for those who work closely with clients and help manage their IT needs.

Partners.activtrak.com is useful if you have a blog or large email list. Using this platform you utilize custom link that affiliates your audience with your account and you receive a commission when they purchase. Typically on this partner website the end user uses their own credit card and pays full price, we then pay you, the partner, a commission via paypal. This system is ideal if you would like to introduce customers to ActivTrak but not be involved in the implementation of the software. On the partner website resellers receive commission on the first year of payments from the customer (either annual or monthly).

Can I have both? Absolutely. Different customers may have different needs in terms of support required from you. Feel free to utilize both platforms (you will obviously only earn commissions via a single channel for each account).

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