Website Blocking

Blocking Websites

In our experience, we’ve learned that most of your lost productivity gets surfed away somewhere on the internet. A simple solution for this is ActivTrak’s powerful Website Blocking.

The Website Blocking tab is where you’ll go after you’ve done some research and discovered sites of low productivity, or distracting activities you wish to block. Social networking sites are usually the first to be blocked, but some clients take it a step further and block popular high-bandwidth sites (like Netflix and Spotify) to save costs, or popular job searching websites.

To block a website, either enter a new domain or choose one from the pre-populated list and check the box under the “blocked” column. To block the website from specific Groups of computers, click the “Groups” button, and select the groups to block the website from. To verify your websites have been blocked, simply click the green button labeled “blocked” to see all websites blocked.

You can block websites from individual users, groups, or everyone at once.

ActivTrak website blocking screen

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