Website Blocking

Why Block Websites?

Organizations can benefit from blocking websites a number of ways. But there are two big reasons why using a website blocking tool is a necessity in all types of organizations.

1. Block Unproductive Websites

Personal internet usage at work can be a big productivity killer. A recent study revealed that businesses who aren’t proactive about blocking unproductive websites see 58% of their employees spending at least  four hours per week on websites unrelated to their job. When you do the math, that comes out to 26 workdays each year!

Expecting employees to use the internet only for work-related activities is a little unrealistic these days. However, it is beneficial to block the websites that have the highest chance of creating a disengaged office.

2. Block Dangerous Websites

When looking at the top 100,000 websites as ranked by Alexa, 4 out of every 10 of those sites are considered dangerous. Visiting sites like these can result in the distribution of malware or attacks on a corporate network.

Though you can’t know of every single dangerous site, you can be proactive in blocking access to the ones you know have the potential to do harm.

Blocking Website with ActivTrak

The Blocking tab is where you’ll go after you’ve done some research and decided on the sites you want to block. There, each organization can maintain the list of blocked domains by adding, removing, and modifying them as necessary.

You can block websites from individual users, groups, or everyone at once.

How to Block a Website:

1. Select a preexisting group from the Group section, or create a new group by clicking the “Create Group” button. Each group can contain any number of users.

2. From the Block Domains section, click the “Add Domains” button.

3. In the “Select Domains” pop-up window, enter a new domain or choose one from the pre-populated list.

4. Check the box for each domain you want to block from the group you’ve already selected. Click “Add.”

5. To verify your websites have been blocked, simply click the green button labeled “blocked” to see all websites blocked.


ActivTrak website blocking screen

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