USB Tracking

USB devices are easily one of the most unassuming pieces of technology that have the ability to easily take down an entire network.

ActivTrak’s USB Detection provides a way for you to protect your proprietary information, and safeguard your company from insider threats. The USB Alarm triggers when a USB drive is inserted, written to, or both.

configure the usb alarm

When the Alarm triggers, you can trigger your typical alarm reactions such as taking screenshots, notifying the user via pop-up, signaling your team via email, triggering your security stack via webhook notification, and adding points to a user’s risk score.

Our standard alarm conditions apply here as well, so if some users should be allowed to use external hardware via USB, that’s no problem.

Stop files from leaving your office, prevent unauthorized applications from gaining access to your machines, and monitor the proper use of USB devices within your organization.

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