Capture User Screens

Screenshots make it possible for an administrator to see exactly what the device user sees by capturing everything visible on the screen.

Screenshots can be taken across all devices continuously, or you can set intervals on certain devices. (3)

We’d like to take a second to note that screenshots take up the bulk of your storage. Because of the free plan’s storage cap of 3 GB, we recommend regularly reviewing, and clearing your screenshot log to remain under the 3 GB limit. In most cases, 3 GB can store about two to three weeks of usage data.

Using a free account, once you hit your storage limit, your screenshots will still be captured, but you will not be able to access or view them before or after you delete your screenshots. However, you can unlock unlimited storage and view all captured screenshots by simply upgrading your account.  

Screenshot timing is controlled by your Alarm settings. The default alarm is set to take a screenshot 20 seconds after a change in the active window titlebar, unless it’s preempted by another change.

In your alarm settings, you may choose to take only one screenshot per alarm, or multiple in any interval you choose (minimum 10 second intervals) to capture as much of the triggered activity as possible.

Typically, we suggest setting your first alarms to fire on some particular conditions that you know will yield the information you need to see. For example, set the conditions to trigger an alarm when the keyword ‘Facebook’ appears in the URL to capture a screenshot when any device user visits Facebook.

All screenshot settings, whether for a pre-set alarm or one that’s newly created, can be adjusted or disabled completely at any point. For instance, some of our clients in the healthcare industry like to disable screenshots entirely so they don’t capture sensitive patient information, and remain HIPAA compliant.

You can change screenshot settings at any time by going to your alarms, clicking the edit button, and changing the settings to how you’d like your screenshots to be taken.

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