Risk Scoring

Greater Visibility of Risks Within Your Organization

Risk scoring lets you easily answer questions like who is most likely to unintentionally cause a breach? What risky activities are going on within my organization and how often? Who is behaving maliciously or accessing assets they shouldn’t?

Behavior and User Risk Scores from ActivTrak User Behavior analytics software

Using Risk Scoring, admins on the advanced plan can assign a risk level to an alarm using a scale of 1 to 10, which signifies the amount of risk connected to a certain behavior. This alarm will show in your alarm log, you will be alerted, and the total alarm score will be increased.

ActivTrak will then use this information to analyze each user’s risk and give you a Risk Score for each individual within your organization. The user scores are calculated by weighing their risk points against their complete activity history. That data is then run through our proprietary algorithm, outputting a relative risk number for each user based on your policies.

Think of this as a curated version of your SEIM System. Instead of a data lake filled with unrelated, uninformative events, risk scoring gives you a tailored list of key security risks, telling you where it’s happening and who’s doing it.

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