What is Real-Time Monitoring?

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Real-Time Data Monitoring:

Real-Time Data Monitoring is a method of observing and analyzing different types of data as it is being accessed, manipulated, and viewed by another party. This can be done in a number of ways, like with a screenshot tool.

One perk is the simplification of searching. An administrator may find it easier to locate relevant and current data without having to sift through lengthy data reports. It’s 12:15 p.m. Want to know who works through lunch? Check your real-time data monitoring tool.

When monitoring data in real time, it’s also quicker and more convenient for administrators to detect shady activity as it happens and put a stop to it before any real damage is done.

If your real-time monitoring tool has a real-time screenshot feature, you see just what the user sees. It’s not a live feed, but a sequence of screenshots taken at a quick frequency, like one screenshot every five seconds.

As it applies to ActivTrak, Real-Time Monitoring first presents a table of each computer with live data such as titlebar, url, description, user and more. If you see something that interests you, you may take a closer look with ActivTrak’s screenshot feature with one click.

ActivTrak Real-time Monitoring

The report displayed above lets administrators monitor user activity as it’s being transmitted to the system without having to navigate through reports. Data is displayed in individual rows with the most important information from open website or application being accessed, including how long the user has been there and which device it is being accessed from.

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