This page shows Troubleshooting FAQs for ActivTrak. If you have other questions, we’ve likely answered them under one of the following categories:

What happens if an Agent has no connection to the Internet?

The ActivTrak Agent continues to work when offline. During offline periods, it stores all data and screenshots locally and later sends it to your account.

I changed the user name on my computer. Why do ActivTrak reports still show the original user ID?

On standalone Windows computers or those in a Windows workgroup, when you change the username, you are only changing the cosmetic name that appears on the login tile.  The underlying user ID stays the same.  ActivTrak reports activity associated with the actual user ID.

To help manage this issue, ActivTrak provides support for user name Aliases.   After an ActivTrak Alias has been assigned, the Alias will appear in place of the user name on all ActivTrak reports. Go to Settings/Alias to assign or edit Aliases.

For more background information on Windows user IDs:


What does it mean when you see productive and unproductive?

You can define websites and applications as being either productive or unproductive. Your reports will reflect the time spent on productive or unproductive activity.

We provide some default productivity and category assignments, but you can redefine these or make new assignments. Go to the Settings tab, then Productivity. There you can manually add a domain or an application and mark it as productive or unproductive. When you change the productivity assignments, it is reflected immediately in your reports and on the dashboard.

I blocked a user from a website, but they can still access it, why?

Blocking a website is a per computer function, meaning blocking a user will not effectively block their website access. You must block the identified user’s device from the website to effectively prohibit access.

Why aren’t my login credentials working when I try to view my support tickets?

The support desk system is a separate system from the one you use to login to the ActivTrak Dashboard. In order to view your submitted tickets online, please first go to the following URL:


In order to sign in here, you will need to request a new password from the support desk system.
Click the “Get A Password” link in the bottom left corner of the “Sign in to ActivTrak” pop-up window. Enter your email that you used to submit your tickets, and you will receive a confirmation email with your new password.

Once you receive the password, use it along with your email address to log in to view your tickets.

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