ActivTrak Alarms

Alarms are pre-defined conditions, that when met, can trigger actions like screenshots, email notifications to the account administrator, a popup message to the device user, and application termination on the device that triggered the alarm. Alarms are created in two steps, conditions (or rules/triggers) and actions, which together create an ‘if/then’ statement that creates a complete alarm. For example, if a user opens iTunes on their computer, then send an email to the administrator.

How to set a basic Alarm:


You can set alarms for virtually any activity. The most common use we see is when clients choose to set alarms that are triggered by the usual distraction sites (Facebook, ESPN, Fanduel, Netflix, etc…). Others choose to add alarms for each time a USB device is inserted into a monitored device or set a ‘reverse alarm’ that will trigger and block every site except your list of permitted URLs. To learn more about blocking, check out our Website Blocking page.

ActivTrak comes with 8 pre-built alarms, but you can create your own custom alarms to specifically fit any need you have. All alarms are customizable.

Alarm Actions:

Each time an alarm is triggered you have the option to take one or multiple screenshots at a minimum interval of 10 seconds. Screenshots capture the complete device screen, giving you the ability to see exactly what the device user can see. Learn more about screenshots here.

Email Alert:

This gives administrators the option to receive an email every time the alarm is triggered. Email Alerts can be set while creating or editing any ActivTrak alarm. Emails can be auto-populated with information that triggered your alarm such as, URL, executable, descriptions, device, and user.

Popup Message:

Displays a message on the device screen. This feature can be used to re-route focus or congratulate a team member for their diligent work. This message can be auto-populated with usage information (URL, executable, descriptions, device, user).


Selecting the “Terminate” box at the bottom of the alarm settings page will allow you to terminate the open application that triggered your alarm.

Webhook Notifications:

Webhook notifications keep your systems in sync. Anytime an ActivTrak alarm is triggered, notify an external system that accepts incoming webhooks.

Risk Scoring:

Risk scoring lets you easily answer questions like who is most likely to unintentionally cause a breach? What risky activities are going on within my organization and how often? Who is behaving maliciously or accessing assets they shouldn’t?Selecting the “Terminate” box at the bottom of the alarm settings page will allow you to terminate the open application that triggered your alarm.


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