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The Top 10 User Activity Alarms
Everyone Should Turn On

Alarms are one of the best ways to identify and monitor risky behavior within your organization. Security alarms, Activity alarms, and USB Alarms are easy to configure and can help you boost productivity, harden your security and ensure compliance. During this 1-hr webcast, we will show you how to quickly configure powerful alarms.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to configure alarms for detecting 
    • Data saved to USB device
    • Attempted access to Blocked Websites
    • File Sharing
    • Social Media Sites Visited
    • Alarms Deleted
    • New Activity Screenshots
  • How to get notified and respond to an alarm (application termination, website blocking, video playback)
  • How to assess productivity across your workforce by capturing app usage and establishing behavioral patterns
  • How to ensure intellectual property and other proprietary files aren’t compromised.

This webcast will be recorded and a link sent to all registered participants following the live event.

Hosted by: Mark Allen
ActivTrak Product Team & Security Engineer

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