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The Challenge:
How to analyze and manage a remote workforce

Remote workers are no longer the exception. Remote work has become the norm in many organizations and with the advances in digital connectivity, it’s easier and often more efficient. The rise in remote working has elevated the need for visibility into ensuring work gets done, but it has also increased the need to understand “how” work gets done and analyzing the productivity of your workforce. Remote workforce management introduces some challenges for organizations to navigate including:

  • Lack of supporting systems and fully integrated tools.
  • Changing operational workflows and lack of policies.
  • Understanding what work is being performed and by whom.
  • Difficulty in measuring productivity.
  • Cybersecurity risks with open perimeter devices.
  • Employee burnout from work/life balance struggle.

The Solution:
ActivTrak — Visibility and analysis of remote workforce behavior

ActivTrak offers not just data, but also insights and context so you can understand employee behavior and workflows. Performance management, productivity, accountability, and accurate time tracking are all achievable with the insights delivered by ActivTrak.



  • Get visibility into how remote employees utilize their time.
  • Resolve workflow bottlenecks in operational systems.
  • Discover productivity insights across dispersed teams.
  • Analyze activity and behavior to ensure accountability.
  • Uncover compliance and security gaps from offsite access.
  • Identify overworked remote employees to reduce attrition.


How can ActivTrak help manage remote workers?

View remote employee time utilization

Get clear visibility into employee, team or department groups’ work time behavior.

  • Understand work durations and trends for both remote and in-office employees.
  • View total time, productive and unproductive time to discover behaviors.
  • Compare work and idle time to uncover any gaps in productivity.
  • Learn workload patterns to identify overworked employees.
  • Use the data insights to optimize teams and workflows.
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Resolve workflow bottlenecks in operational systems

Remote workers introduce different work patterns and systems usage. They may uncover poorly integrated systems and processes that are inefficient to get work done.

  • Learn which company applications are restricting workflows.
  • Discover gaps in productivity due to mismatched operational policies.
  • Find correlations between efficiency and assigned work hours.
  • Leverage data insights to understand remote employee collaboration and engagement.
  • Weigh the effectiveness of new operating procedures on remote workers.
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Discover productivity insights of remote teams

Managers of remote employees need insights to compare teams when it comes to productivity. Team productivity is something that can always be improved upon with the right data and context.

  • View a daily summary of individual and team productivity at-a-glance with Team Pulse.
  • Compare productivity levels across geographic locations or remote teams.
  • Uncover which company applications are used most often and by which employees.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive websites or applications and set usage limits.
  • Drill-down into reports for additional details on top users, categories, applications and productive time spent.
  • Establish remote policies, measure their effectiveness, and make changes for on-going improvement.
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Uncover compliance gaps from offsite access

Discover certain behaviors of remote workers that could be considered risky to operational compliance policies to take quick corrective action.

  • Secure sensitive information from being shared using screenshot redaction.
  • Flag screen content that introduces compliance vulnerabilities.
  • Prevent access to distracting websites and terminate unauthorized applications.
  • Review alarm reports and screenshots for instances of compliance issues.
  • Receive notifications when an employee deviates from standard operating procedure.
  • Analyze instances of possible file transfers to USB or external drives as well as uploads to file sharing systems.
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